Even Dreamers Have Responsibilities

Children, ResponsibilitiesIt’s 6:00 am and my mother is out of the house.  Like the postman, rain or snow does not stop her from going to work.

It’s night time, and my father is not home. It’s tax season, and the CPA and sole proprietor is at work – maybe even pulling an all-nighter.

Fill in the blank: Children = ______. Millions of responses could go in that blank. I hope love, joy, and optimistic are on that list somewhere.

There is one word that absolutely must be on the list and that is responsibility.

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The NFL Doesn’t Suck

NFL doesn't suck.Is it possible for an organization to have a worse P.R. week and a half than the NFL has? Multiple NFL players have committed or are accused of committing horrid abuse upon defenseless woman and children.

And we the fans (short for fanatic, unbalanced or obsessive behavior according to http://dictionary.reference.com/) continue to watch. In fact, according to onlyagame.wbur.org, NFL Ratings rose.

Should we football fans feel guilty for watching the NFL, despite the actions of the players and the league’s handling of these actions? Should we shrug and say we’re simply out of control fanatics who need our fix of football? I say no.

And that is not only because the team I root for – the Philadelphia Eagles – have begun the season 2-0 despite falling behind by 14 or more points in their first two games. This, by the way, is the first time that has ever occurred.

No, that is not the reason the NFL doesn’t suck. The NFL is a huge organization which includes nearly 1,700 players plus owners, coaches, trainers, and other personnel.  As has been brought to light, some of those associated with the NFL have conducted themselves in ways that they should be ashamed of. However, as everyone has heard many times, don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch.

Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Devon Still reminds us that not all NFL players are uncontrolled brutes.

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Figuring Out How to Be a Penn State Fan In the Post-Sandusky World

Penn State FootballIt’s early in the college football season. My alma mater is 2-0, including a win in its opener on a last second field goal.

On Monday, the school got even better news. Penn State—my alma mater—had its post-season ban lifted and will receive its full allotment of scholarships next year.

Yay, go State. Rah Rah.

I should be feeling all that, I suppose. And I am to some degree, but I don’t necessarily want to talk about that.

It’s been nearly three years since the horror of the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal has been brought to light. Much has changed about the University. Sandusky (who was no longer a coach on the team) has been convicted and is serving a minimum 30-year term. Graham Spanier, the president of the University, was forced to resign. Tim Curley, athletic director, was fired. Legendary coach Joe Paterno was also fired. The University has paid out millions to the victims.

The football team itself has undergone onerous sanctions. The team had its second new coach (not including the interim coach who completed the 2011 season)—James Franklin—on the sidelines since Paterno was fired.

- See more at: http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/tmb-figuring-penn-state-fan-post-sandusky-world

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DreamsI know you have dreams. Maybe, you’re pursuing and accomplishing them. Maybe you consciously gave up on them and moved on. Or maybe your dreams have fallen by the wayside because, well, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” as John Lennon said in Beautiful Boy.

It was the early to mid-90’s, and I was in the middle of my traveling years. This was a special time for me. You might say I found myself though I never knew I was lost.

On Columbus Day weekend, a couple of friends and I decided to rent a cottage in Lake George, NY.  We sat by the lake, fished, rented a canoe, and just hung out. We also partook in some substances.

The next morning when my head stopped spinning, I was sitting on the porch in my underwear. The rest of my clothes were wet. Don’t ask me how – I have no idea. One of my buddies – EI – and I were talking about our dreams, goals, and where we saw ourselves in the future. I forget EI’s response. Hey, it had been a crazy night. Yet, I remember what I said, “I want to have a piece of my writing published by the time I’m 30.”

I never submitted anything to a publisher.

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