The Secret is Nothing

The Secret is Nothing.

Wisdom can be found wherever you are willing to let it in. Sounds like a fortune cookie, doesn’t it? Anyway, I think I made it up – feel free to quote me or tweet it. Even if I didn’t make it up, it’s something I believe very much. Another time when this credo was proven correct was this past week when I learned the secret is nothing.

My family and I saw previews for the third Kung Fu Panda movie prior to Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. It got some laughs. Since then, SJ had wanted to see Kung Fu Panda again, so we took the movie out of the library. SJ asked me to join him since I had never seen the movie. Bonding time – why not?

Here’s a summary for the uninitiated. For those who know the movie, skip to the next paragraph.

A panda, Po, is chosen to be the Dragon Warrior. The Dragon Warrior was to be the ultimate kung fu warrior. The choice was surprising because up to that point, Po had been working in his father’s noodle restaurant. On top of that, he was big, clumsy, and clueless in the ways of kung fu. Those who had been trained and were excellent at kung fu were disappointed at not being chosen and doubtful that Po was the chosen one. There’s a desperate need for the Dragon Warrior because an evil warrior has escaped prison and is headed toward the town looking to take revenge.  Ultimately, Po trains and proves his mettle by defeating the evil warrior and saving the town.

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Everyone Had The Fever

My Powerball Ticket - I had the fever too!Over the course of this past week, wherever I went, the people I spoke to had one thing on their mind. It was on Facebook pages and trending on Twitter.  The subject: Powerball! Everyone had Powerball fever.

The rising payout which ultimately reached the enormous sum of 1.6 billion dollars captured everyone’s imagination. It was a beast that fed off of desire and possibility.

Were you feeling Powerball fever?

Either way, you surely heard people talking about what they would do if they won. You heard talk of what people would buy – vacations and cars and houses – oh my. You heard talk of early retirement – no matter what job someone had or how happy or unhappy they had been in it the same job the week before. Yes, Powerball dreams fueled an orgasm of purchase and possibility. The potential was endless.

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I Like A Justin Bieber Song

Springsteen Concert Ticket - Celebrating the anniversary of my rock n' roll initiation

A ticket to My First Concert – It’s Springsteen!

Recently I was driving along and the radio was on. I was flipping stations and landed on one where the DJs began talking about the top songs of the day. Apparently, they were doing some sort of count down. The male DJ announced ‘Love Yourself,’ and the female DJ said, “Is that the new Justin Bieber song? I love that song.

Justin Bieber? Uh, no thanks. I listened for a couple seconds and then found something else to listen to.

I’ve seen Bruce Springsteen nearly 20 times. I’ve slept outside for tickets to The Who.

So, nothing personal Justin, but I don’t think so.

Then I heard ‘Love Yourself’ again. I listened for a moment. Kind of catchy. But the guy sounded so bitter. Nah I’ll keep looking.

Any Springsteen on? How about The Who? I’ll take the Stones – I’ve seen them in concert too.

Then I heard ‘Love Yourself’ again. I was driving along the highway, and I turned the radio up. And I listened to the whole song.  And I liked it. I liked a Justin Bieber song.

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New Year’s Eve and The Benefits of Middle Age

Happy New Year. I'm staying home.

Happy New Year. I’m staying home.

*There are things we all miss about our youth. I’m sure each of us can come up with a list. Mine might begin with my hair.

Yet, there are many benefits to getting older. Buying your own beer is a perfectly good example.

However, as we are on the cusp of another New Year, one particular benefit comes to my mind.

New Year’s Eve doesn’t matter. It’s just another night where we hope the children don’t bug us to stay up late and fall asleep quickly.

It wasn’t so long ago when New Year’s Eve was it!  Remember when you had to have New Year’s Eve plans.

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