The Empty Streets of Halloween

We were boys on a mission.

It was Halloween night, and my dad was late picking NG and I up. We stood waiting and waiting for him. But it was the pre-cell phone era, so all we could do was tap our feet impatiently and mutter under our breath.

Dad finally showed up – a miscommunication apparently – and got us home just before the unofficial start time for trick or treating time in my neighborhood.  We quickly changed into our costumes, grabbed old pillow cases (which we used to hold candy) and started running from house to house.

Our neighborhood.

We said it was all about the candy. We didn’t care about dress up. We had no patience for a costume that would slow us down. We had no interest in wowing our friends with our creativity.

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Screaming Vikings and Bad Combinations

Civility, no more bad combinationsScreaming Viking.

Those words mean little to most people except for those who were watchers of the show Cheers. On a particular episode, ( the fictional drink, Screaming Viking, enables Sammy to get his job back.

The new bartender swears he can make any drink and promises to quit if he can not fill a drink order. When the Screaming Viking is requested by all the guys including Norm and Cliff, the new bartender leaves, and Sammy gets his job back. As soon as Rebecca Howe turns her back, everyone spits the drink out.

The Screaming Viking which includes bruised cucumbers is gross. The combination of liquor and cucumbers is apparently nasty. They just don’t work together.

What’s the point?

Here’s another nasty combination: sports and politics.

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No Permanent Vacation

Permanent Vacation - JerusalemAerosmith has a song and album called Permanent Vacation. I never heard the song but liked a couple songs off the album, particularly Angel. However, it’s the title of the album, Permanent Vacation, which intrigues me.

In August, my family and I took a nearly two-week vacation to Israel. The trip was part of the celebration of BR’s Bar Mitzvah. As you can imagine, such a trip took a good deal of planning. Thanks Mrs. MMK – yes she did the mass majority of the planning.

Anyway, as excited as I was for the trip, I had a nagging feeling that it was too short. After all, while Israel is a small country, there were many things to see. How could we hope to see all of the country, or even a lot of it, in such a short time?

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Our Version of Sunday Adventure

Our Sunday Adventure“So, who wants to do something fun?”

No reaction.

“We’ve been in the house all day, and it’s beautiful outside. We have to get out. Don’t you wanna get outta here?”

Content to lounge around staring at an electronic, neither BR nor SJ was interested in leaving the homestead. A youtube induced slumber had descended upon them again had entranced them again. Their eyes glazed over as another Sunday was slipping away.

Not this time. We were getting out of the house this Sunday. I was determined to get out of the house even if it was to appease my stir crazy self. We were going to have an adventure.

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