What Are We Raising? Say it Ain’t So!

What does their future hold?Some children seem to come out of the womb knowing what they want to do in life. You know the type – working on their resume when they’re 10.

BR is one of those types. While he’s 11 and is sure to undergo many changes (He hasn’t even noticed girls let along had his heart broken), BR has his mind set in terms of a profession

He wants to be a statistician.

And it makes complete sense. BR has two passions baseball and numbers. His hero is baseball statistical guru Bill James. He studies baseball numbers – ALL THE TIME. He practically danced in the library when he pulled the New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract – 1000 pages of baseball numbers. By the way, he wanted to write about Bill James’ birthdate for his important day in history project.

Anyway, I see BR working in the analytics department for some MLB team. I could also see him in a behind the scenes type role on ESPN or other sports related network. He’d give the hosts numbers that they would use on the show/program/game. Pure professional satisfaction.

SJ will be 9 next month.  And he doesn’t know what he wants to do the rest of his life. Come on kid – get some direction. Slacker!

He does know that he wants to make money – lots of money. Of course, at this point he has no concept of what a lot of money is –“Wait, you both make more than 200 a year?” Call us Rockefeller!

The other day SJ and I were hanging out, and he asked me, “What professions make a lot of money?” I mentioned a few (I also made sure to add that you can make a lot of money in any job, especially if you are following your passion and working hard).”  SJ considered the list. Ultimately, he asked about LEGO Minifigures – his passion. He wasn’t pleased when I told him selling his LEGO Minifigures would probably not bring him great wealth.

Recently SJ lost two teeth.  While he’s past believing in the tooth fairy, he still likes getting money for his teeth.

This time, SJ left a note for the tooth fairy – a request if you will. Well, at least he said please.

Oh, who am I kidding? This note was straight out of Woody Allen’s, Take the Money and Run. Yup, I think I might be raising a bank robber. And just like the protagonist in Allen’s movie, Virgil Starkwell, SJ’s writing might confound bank tellers. However, I have to say it is one of his neater works, and I wish he would try that hard on his homework.  Anyway, the note certainly confounded me when I first found it and then left me laughing till my sides hurt.

Are We Raising a Bank Robber?

SJ – my not future bank robber – left this note for the tooth fairy.

“But please, please,” I pray “Don’t let my boy grow up to be a bank robber.”

I guess SJ didn’t come out of the womb knowing what he wanted to do in life.

Pictures of Summer

School Ends and Summer BeginsToday is the last full day of summer. I know – it doesn’t feel that way to me either.

The beginning of summer is heralded. Excitement, possibility, and joy. Yet, the end of summer passes and no one notices. I chalk it up to Labor Day. The unofficial end to summer feels like the true end. Once Labor Day passes, it might as well be fall.

As the thought of summer ending came upon me, I thought about what my family and I had done this season. While the summer included the FLASH! and a dash of dog reading sprinkled with pizza, there was much more.

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And It was the Summer Of…

The Summer of... The Flash: SJ riding a bike.Seasons and times are remembered by events. The summer I learned to drive. The winter I started playing basketball. Junior year when I had my first girlfriend. With Labor Day in the mirror, it’s time to think what happening will mark the summer of 2015.

A few years ago, I tried to teach BR how to ride a bike. It was a struggle from the beginning. He was uninterested. His constant refrain of, “Why do I need to do this” as I led him around the block was exasperating. BR was on the verge of riding, but he was never willing to fall. His fear held him back. While riding a bike is not a required skill for a happy childhood, I felt, somehow, that I failed him. Maybe I should have pushed harder. Maybe, I should have been more delicate. Maybe I should have been more understanding.  Whatever the issue, the moment passed. It’s been two years since I even tried to get BR on a bike.

SJ loves his scooter. He also loves his bike. He didn’t mind that it had training wheels. Ms. MMK and I tried telling him he was getting too old and big and that it was time to take the training wheels off.

SJ was reluctant. He doesn’t like change. Continue reading

Why You Should be Rooting for Serena Williams at the US Open

Serena Williams

Serena Williams Readying to Hit the Tennis Ball.

If you enjoy tennis, you should be a Serena Williams fan. If you don’t enjoy tennis, you should be a Serena Williams fan. What Serena Williams has recently accomplished is unprecedented. And no, I’m not talking about her alleged hook up with Drake. Hey, don’t judge me – I saw the headline on Yahoo. Anyway, Drake has nothing to do with why you should be a Serena Williams fan.

Serena and the tennis world are focused on the US Open. If Serena wins the US Open, she will have won tennis’ version of the Grand Slam which is comprised of The Australian Open, The French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. She would be the first women to win the Grand Slam since 1988 when Steffi Graf won it. By the way, she has won the last four majors, but it was not done in one calendar year. That’s not unprecedented. Serena herself accomplished the Serena Slam (it was named after her) – 11 years ago.

Serena was 22 at the time she won her first Serena slam. I wasn’t a fan of hers then. Continue reading