MMK Without the K: Enjoying the Quiet.

Empty Nest

Anyone Seen the Children?

Did you hear that?

It’s silence. At least it is in this home. Yes in the MMK home, the kids are gone. In fact, the blog has a new name.

Drumroll please….

Me Myself and Mrs.

Pretty exciting huh? I think this could draw the same type of fanfare as IHOP going to IHOB. By the way, I have to admit, I was curious about that.

Yup, for the week – just a short term thing = Mrs. MMK and I have been empty nesters. BR is spending his annual week at my mother’s place. And SJ is away at overnight camp.

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Aging Ungracefully: Appreciating Health

I see myself in the mirror. I look my age. Or maybe more.

The little hair I do have is more grey than black. My jeans are snug at the thighs. My blue and white button down shirt is tucked in beyond my belt.

I’m stretching my left arm away from my body. I’m in the middle of my second set of 10. My shoulder – the reason I came in the first place – is lightly throbbing.  It’s not pleasant but certainly bearable.

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Date Night: No Kids

Mrs. MMK and I – not on date night.

It’s been nearly seven years since MeMyselfandKids first began. As Richie Ashburn used to say, “Hard to believe Harry” (Enjoy that reference Phillies fans).

Anyway, much has changed since MMK came into existence in the world itself and in my family. My children were four and seven when I first entered the blogosphere. And very needy.

While BR and SJ never suffered from separation anxiety – Mrs. MMK and I choose to be proud of this rather than question if our children love us –  getting out was still a chore.

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BR’s Little League Expectations

Ready to go to his first Little League game.

Little League begins for BR this weekend.

This is his last year in the league, and he made his goals clear.

So, what are you thinking about for the upcoming season?
It’s good.
Huh? Could you take the music out of your ears for a minute?
[Sound like a conversation you’ve had with your teen?] Fine, what do you want?
What are you thinking about for the upcoming season?
We have to win a championship.
Well, every team wants to win, and only one will. I mean I want to and everything, but to say we have to…
No. If we don’t win, it’s a fail. It’s our final year, and we haven’t won yet. So, it has to be this year.

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