About Me


Some boys dream of being a detective, or a fireman, or a baseball player. Not me. Well, I may have dreamed of those as well. But the first real dream job I had was to be a writer.

When I was assigned essays in elementary school, the rest of my school day would be spent dreaming of what to write. I was excited to express my creativity.

One thing led to another and before you knew it, I was on a different path. Yep, I took some detours.

I spent nearly three years in the marketing department of architectural and engineering firms, writing articles for the web, newsletters, and RFP’s.

My next job found me at a New York City high school teaching English. For more than 10 years, it was my job to work with students and make them better readers and writers.

While these detours were valuable, meaningful, and productive, something was amiss.

My dream. I was not pursuing my dream of writing.

So, I made a change. I became a freelance writer. Now, I get to prove my belief that words are powerful.

I do this by creating reading passages that help students learn. I do this by composing content for businesses that garner the attention of customers. I do this by writing magazine and newspaper articles that inform and entertain readers.

It’s pretty great when you get to fulfill your dreams. But being a freelance writer is my job and therefore a business. So, I make it my business to respect deadlines, bring enthusiasm to every project, and work closely with my clients to ensure that they are 100% satisfied.

Oh yeah, a little more about me: I love sports, Springsteen, and my wife and children (most of the time).

Contact me at larry@larrydbernstein.com or 347 200 5009.