Responsible adult MMK.Facts: Every project seems like its due yesterday.

No matter how hard you try, deadlines are constantly looming while demands are increasing.

You need captivating content for your company or publication to grab the attention of readers/customers.

Yet, time is short and finding the right words to take your content to the next level is elusive.

That's why I'm here.

I create content including case studies, articles, blog posts, web copy, brochures, and educational materials. When you work with me, you get a writer who appreciates your needs, is pleasant to work with, flexible, and is determined to deliver well-researched and snappy content. On time – always! Ready to get started?

Contact me at or 347 200 5009.

Satisfied clients are talking:


"Larry was easy to work with and delivered everything he promised and more. He really listened to what I wanted and was able to produce exactly what I needed. We’re thrilled with the final product and would be happy to use him in the future should the need arise."

Jennifer Harris
Owner, Golden Advantage

"Larry happened to contact me at the exact time I was searching for some new freelancers to assist with a project that involved writing articles on various topics. Larry jumped right in to help. He was very easy to work with and had no qualms about reviewing the various style guides and instruction documents. He had a good attitude, was receptive to feedback, and submitted all of his assignments on time. He even tackled some of the lengthier articles that others had avoided. He’s a true team player."

Lindsay Rock Rohland
Managing Editor/Senior Project Manager
Northeast Editing, Inc.

"Larry handled many writing assignments while spearheading the marketing efforts of our construction consulting firm. He is an excellent business writer and is adept at writing in various media; print, web, and e-based. It is always a pleasure working with a young man of his talent, enthusiasm, and high moral character. I highly recommend Larry as a writer and employee."

Thomas Richard
Former Principal, Merritt & Harris, Inc.