Young Summer

Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer as they say, is just about upon us.  Of course, summer began, unofficially, on Memorial Day. How come you never hear about the unofficial beginning or ending of any other season? What is it about summer that sets it apart?

Personally, my favorite season is fall. I love the cool weather, the leaves changing colors, football, and many other things during this time of year. Winter, well I love snow but don’t care for those frigid temperatures – not a 20’s sort of guy. I count down the days till the season will end. I enjoy spring – green, nature seemingly reborn. But there is summer. Something about summer seems to affect everyone.

I have a thought.  Summer is the time of vacations, block buster movies, and long long days. Yes, this and so many other things about summer are true. Ultimately, summer equals youth. We throw off our winter coats, roll the car top down, turn up the music, and stay out late.   We are obsessed with youth, and during the summer, everyone is younger.  Summer meant or means no school, freedom, and independence. It’s as if we all revert back in some form or another to that school kid who was thrilled to be free of school – ‘no more teachers, no more books.’   How many work places have a dress down policy or a reduced work schedule during summer?  It’s freedom to do what we want.  While we might not do anything all that different, the possibility is energizing.

I hope your summer was one of fulfilled possibilities. I hope you rediscovered your youthful enthusiasm and utilized it to the fullest.  Enjoy the next three seasons, and remember to roll down the top once in a while.

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