Why This Middle Aged Man Loves Summer Camp


BR & SJ headed off to camp. Yes, I gave them a ride.

BR & SJ headed off to camp.
Yes, I gave them a ride.

I love Summer Camp. I am in my early 40’s, and I love Summer Camp. It is a beautiful and wonderful thing.

Summer Camp is:

boys out of the house early.

boys staying out of the house for hours at a time.

boys coming home tired.

boys having no homework.

Yes, Summer Camp is awesome!

In fact, Summer Camp is my ticket to heaven on Earth. I get to hang out on a deserted island. Deserted of people that is. I am home alone (by the way, I recently watched those movies with my boys, and we loved them).

Movie Poster courtesy of Google.

Movie Poster courtesy of Google.

For the record, I do love my family and enjoy spending time with them. Well most of the time I love them, but that’s another story. Anyway, I am a subscriber to absence makes the heart grow fonder, distance is a good thing. There is truth in those sayings. You may be thinking what does Mrs. MMK think about this? She is not offended at all. She is the same way – loves to have some space.

Anyway, I never get the house to myself. In fact, if you added up all the time I was home alone from September till June, it would come out to 92 minutes and 23 seconds. Or something like that.

So, what do I do when I am home alone? Whatever I want! Well, I’m not too crazy these days, and I have a plethora of goals to accomplish this summer. Still, I find time to do what I want. Want to hear what I did during my alone time? Hold tight cause here I go:

1.       I went to the bathroom and left the door open. My wife hates when I do this.  Sometimes, I actually leave the door open when she is home figuring that she won’t be coming up the stairs anyway. I can’t tell you how many times I had to quickly shuffle over and shut the door so my wife does not see me committing this cardinal offense.

2.       I watched a full episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. Yeah, I know the show has been off the air for eight years already. But I like it and besides, I never saw this episode. It’s called Blabbermouths and the characters gossip about each other. It was entertaining and educational. I laughed loudly and held the remote and no one cared.

3.       I ate lunch – slowly and care free. I did not think about getting drinks for anyone (I am referring to the children – no alcohol intended). I was unconcerned about what I ate, when I ate, and where I ate. I may not have even have used a plate. I don’t recall. And it doesn’t matter. Luxurious.

Okay, so it’s not quite Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear in an empty house. But there is plenty of Summer Camp left. And I am feeling pretty crazy.

Movie photo courtesy of Google.

Movie photo courtesy of Google.

You must love being home alone too – right? What crazy things do you do when you are home alone?

30 thoughts on “Why This Middle Aged Man Loves Summer Camp

  1. Oh, that’s the kind of week I’m having, too! The kids are spending a week with their grandparents and I’ve been coming home to an empty house. It’s nice. I have watched entire movies in one sitting, eaten Raisin Bran for dinner, and kept the house clean. And since I don’t have to run and pick up kids after work, I can do things like go to the gym. It will end soon. I’m sort of afraid to call and find out when to go get them. Maybe if I don’t call, they won’t notice?

    • Seen anything good?
      Don’t call! Or suggest a second week. Either way, enjoy your Raisin Bran dinners and empty house.

      • I saw Silver Linings Playbook, which was really good, and Identity Thief, which was amusing. Other than that I saw several black-and-whites that you may not be familiar with.

        Too late…my stepmother called last night to say that my girl was sick. It’s really just a very minor case of the sniffles, but we brought both kids home. I think she needed a break from having all five grand-kids. It was a lovely five days while it lasted, and I am very grateful.

        • I loved Silver Linings Playbook. I am not familiar with Identity Thief.
          Bummer about your daughter getting sick and the break being cut short. Well, like you say at least you got a few days of space.

  2. I can’t even tell you the last time I was home alone! It’s been years and years and years…way too long! I could definitely use some absentee family right now! Joyce just told me her kids are gone for the week too. I’m really starting to get jealous! I really like the idea of just being able to sit down and eat a meal without any interruptions…now that would be heaven!

    • It is miss – it really is. Now clear out the house and get yourself a meal. You deserve the time like all the rest of us.

  3. My favorite part of summer is not having to get up on time, but I would if it meant I could take T and drop him off somewhere else! I have to say, my alone time list is very similar to yours… eat what I want – not worry about whether or not anyone else is hungry. And the DVR, I love being able to catch up on my DVR!!

    Oh… and ice cream for dinner. Yeah, at least once a year when I have alone time, I eat a pint of ice cream for dinner… I’m not proud of it, but I’m not changing my ways!!!

    • Ice cream for dinner – wow! That sounds more like my college days. It is not like I am so healthy these days but I save the ice cream for dessert.
      What do you need to catch up – DVR wise – these days?

  4. Oh Larry….alone time, music to my ears!
    Since my kids are still young I don’t get to enjoy summer camp (not yet that is). Furthermore, my mom who is my children’s best entertainer, has been away for the last couple of months & when I do get my mother in law to stay with the kids, I run, run & run some more to manage to do the errands that are more difficult when dragging the kids along.
    Alone time for me means: catch up on my favorite TV Series or any romantic movie N. is not really fond of watching, eating mainly junk (chips & gummy bears) & some uninterrupted computer time.

    • No summer camp – my boys started when they were 4. Anyway, can’t the kids go to your mother-in-law rather than come to your house? In fact, BR will spend one week at Grandma camp.
      Your alone time sounds good to me though I think my movie choices would differ. Hope you get some alone time soon.

  5. I love love love being home alone, can’t remember last time I was though. I like to sit on the sofa with a cup of tea and read a book for longer than 30 seconds at a time, or watch my favourite tv show at full volume! So nothing crazy here either, just the kind of stuff that gets difficult or impossible with children. Sounds like you had a great time, the bathroom bit made me giggle.

  6. 🙂 too funny what you wrote! 🙂
    Before Nate, I used to have the house for myself, I had the option to work from home and loved it when I used to work in pajamas 🙂
    Since Nate, I don’t remember having a moment alone in our house 🙂 ha!ha!
    when I used to be home alone, I used to love eating a bowl of cereal in bed watching TV without a worry in the world, I sometimes miss those moments of silence 🙂 hope you are having a great day Larry! 🙂

    • I so know what you are saying. Well, I hope you find a chance to once again eat a bowl of cereal in bed without a worry in the world. Those moments are needed.

  7. My favourite thing to do when I’m home alone is crank the music and dance around the house. I imagine it’s a big party and there’s all kinds of people who are awed by my mad dancing skills. It’s fun and good exercise. Glad you’re enjoying some down time.

    • There will definitely be some loud music cranking at some points this summer. I don’t imagine there will be much dancing. Not quite my thing though I do like exercise.

  8. Yep Jake’s in camp too! Mostly I’m working and appreciate the silence and the fact that I don’t hear “mom, are you done yet?” And I go to the bathroom with the door open too 🙂

  9. At one time, many years ago, I probably felt the same way you do, but having lived alone for a number of years, what’s the big deal?

    • I think you actually have the answer in your comment, you have lived alone for a number of years. When your house was a constant beehive of activity, I have a feeling you would have enjoyed space every now and again as well.
      Thanks for commenting.

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