Why New Year’s Eve Does Not Matter

Time's Square - New Year's Eve Celebration

Happy New Year: Time Square style

There are things we all miss about our youth. I’m sure each of us can come up with a list. Mine might begin with my hair.

Yet, there are many benefits to getting older. Buying your own beer is a perfectly good example.

However, as the New Year approaches, one particular benefit comes to my mind.

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10 thoughts on “Why New Year’s Eve Does Not Matter

  1. Great article Larry, well done! I couldn’t agree more, I have never been a fan of new year’s eve. It was one night that was most likely to dissapoint. My husband and I don’t even stay up til midnight, haven’t done for years. However, I do wish you and yours a very happy 2014 and hope it brings lots of happyness.

  2. Hi,
    I read your article but couldn’t find the comment spot, so I am leaving my comment here. Your article brought back many beautiful memories for me of New Year’s Eve as a teenager and adult living in Augusta, Georgia. You see my parents were baptists and we were members of a baptist church that stuck together on New Year’s Eve like glue. We had what they call Watch Night Service. There anyone could spontaneous sing a song, recite a poem or play an instrument. At midnight, we would bow before God and pray, and afterward have breakfast together in the church. Very few people back home do that anymore. Many of them don’t take the time.
    So my New Year’s Eve has become a piece of gold in my treasure trove. I was never a partying type of person. I tried to be, but it just wasn’t me.

    Thanks for sharing and I wish you and your family a beautiful and blessed walk over into 2014.

    Happy New Year.


    • Sounds like New Years really was special for you. Spiritual, fun, and meaningful. That’s a great combo. I can understand you thinking about that memory.

  3. Ha! I am in total agreement with you, New Year’s Eve has lost some of its fizzle as well as some of its pop and bang. My husband, my kids and I spend the latter part of the evening watching movies and eating unhealthy nachos. It was the first time in many a year that I actually was up when the clock struck midnight. BTW, I tried to leave this comment on the NJ site, but it was refusing to acknowledge my Twitter account… Not that there is anything you can do about that but I felt I needed to vent about it as is rather pissed me off.

    • Sorry it pissed you off. I do appreicate the comment. Plus, I like rants. They amuse me.
      P.S. I went to sleep before midnight. I am a rebel!!

  4. Larry, you are so right. Things and values and interests do change with age and maturity. New Years Eve is not important to me, either. It’s another night. I didn’t even watch Times Square on the T.V., this year. A Good and Healthy & Safe New Year to you and yours!

    • I was a rebel this year – went to bed before midnight. I slept right through the fireworks. The fact that I was a bit sick probably helped in that respect.

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