Why I Love Snow

View of the SnowIt’s late at night. My house is quiet. All I can hear is the heater and the refridgerator. When I stop typing, I hear the winds blowing.

Dangers of Snow

Today has been about the weather. Actually, the constant weather talk began last night and will continue tomorrow. In this part of the world, a blizzard is predicted with large amounts of snow being predicted.  The storm could prove to be historic.

I don’t like talking about the weather. Beyond the quick two minute conversation, I don’t see the point. However, when it gets to extremes, like the weather forecasters are predicting for the storm, I get that it will be a big topic. People need to prepare and do all they can to try and stay safe. Despite the warnings, in all likelihood this storm can and probably will hurt some people. Much of that pain will be economic. Even worse, for some, the storm may prove fatal.

Early Experiences With Snow

However, there’s something about snow that I love.  As a child, I loved to watch the snow fall, particularly at night. I stared up at the orange street lamp to see if the flakes continued. Even then, I felt the serenity. I’d fall asleep wishing to be woken up and told of a day off. As soon as I woke the next day, I’d pull down the shade and check the snowfall.

Those snow days were the greatest day. They meant sledding, snowballs, and hot chocolate. They meant fun.  I enjoyed these snow days so much that such a day was the subject of one of the first stories I ever wrote that meant something to me. I’m not sure where the story is at this point or if it was all that good. I just know that snow days were special.

While I’ve grown to hate the cold, the love of snow has carried on into adulthood.  Yes, while working as a teacher, I still enjoyed a snow day. It was a brief respite, a chance to relax and regroup. However, now that I work for myself, a day off of work means a loss of money.  It also means shoveling.

Yet, I still love snow. Why?

What is Snow?

Snow is mysterious. It covers everything up. It hides what’s underneath.

Snow is exciting. It is the only weather pattern I’ve seen make high school kids run to the window and stare.

Snow is an equalizer.  Everything becomes one. Boundaries get blurred as the snow accumulates and the drifts form

Snow is a cleanser.  The ground, road, sidewalk, all glisten when covered in snow. There’s no dirt, trash, or potholes. Everything is bright white.

Snow is a unifier. It brings people out of their houses so they can rid their property of it. Doing so can provide an opportunity to interact with each other.

I could go on, but you get my drift. Pun intended.  Yes, there’s just something about snow that I love. I can’t be the only one – can I?

18 thoughts on “Why I Love Snow

  1. Good morning,

    I don’t like snow. It is one of the occurrences in nature where I hide my head under the covers and hope that it will go away quickly. As a child in school, we didn’t have snow days. It never snowed in Augusta, Georgia. Oh, I forgot, it did snow once. I was a teenager then. It was about 2 inches but all of Augusta, Georgia closed down.

    I heard about the expected blizzard and hope that you and your family are safe. I don’t envy you, so please don’t send any of it my way. I have had enough of the white powder for this year.

    Also congratulations on your self-employment. I am assuming that it is connected with your writing and that makes me happy.


    • Thanks for the good wishes. I am pursuing the writing more – yes. I am also involved in education to a degree as well.

  2. Snow if fun, when we lived in Reno, at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains, we got nice, fluffy snow. Here in Texas, it looks like snow, but it’s really ice! We haven’t had snow snow in about 4 years! Hope you and family stay safe and warm!

  3. I am not a fan of snow, in fact I don’t ever think about it until I am actually in it. I suppose that is what happens when you grow up without it.

    My best guess is that in almost 46 years of life I have been in it about 14 times.

  4. I’m glad you love snow because you have a lot of it!

    I do miss the snow. It makes the world look so clean, doesn’t it?

    Stay warm, my friend.

  5. So, how much snow did you get? I have to admit I watched those weather forecasts and was PROFOUNDLY thankful the storm was going to miss us.

    Last winter just kicked my butt, and I can’t ever feel the same way about snow ever again.

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