When Faith Requires Saying No to Children

I’ve chosen a life of faith. I am an observant Jew who strives to be mindful of my religion while living in the modern world. Despite frustrations and disappointments, confusions and uncertainties, I am content with my choice. I have gained great comfort, joy, understanding, and a sense of community via practicing my faith.

I was not brought up practicing this lifestyle. I consciously chose to live a life of faith when I was in my 20’s. I was an adult, and I made a personal decision knowing there would be restrictions, knowing there would be “no’s.”

What about children who are brought up in a household of faith?

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3 thoughts on “When Faith Requires Saying No to Children

  1. This was one of my favorite posts you’ve ever done, Larry! I shared it on my Facebook page.

    I think that I balance it this way–in the short term they might not appreciate the “no,” and there’s certainly no guarantee that they’ll grow up and follow God the way I taught them.

    But I cannot live with the thought of teaching them nothing and then letting them live with those consequences as adults. A life without faith is not a life, as far as I can tell.

    • So glad you liked it. Thanks for sharing it.
      I think we have an obligation to teach our children our version of the right way. Hopefully, they will choose to follow that right way or something that is similar.

  2. Great post Larry, although I have no experience with this myself (as you know I am not a religious person) I can see why some of the “no”s can be hard too explain and still make God come out as the good guy. However, I’m sure that, if not now, as they grow up they will notice the “yes”s also that without your religion they wouldn’t have had.

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