What do you Want Said at your Retirement?

Defining Trait - SincereThe Oklahoma City Thunder had the game in hand. As the clock wound down on this NBA game and series, the focus was on the San Antonio Spurs and more specifically, veteran power forward, Tim Duncan. The announcers were talking about Tim Duncan more than the actual game.

The announcers were speculating that the game could be Tim Duncan’s last. He has had a long successful career and is considered one of the game’s greats. In addition, Tim’s team has won multiple championships.

Tim Duncan exudes dignity, plays with great heart, and shows humility. However, one thing that is especially unique about Tim Duncan is the respect with which he is held. The announcers mentioned the word respect multiple times. Clearly, that is his defining trait.

It made me wonder. When I ‘retire’ someday, what will I be noted for? What do I want to be known for?

Tough question – isn’t it?

Of course, I’d like to be known for being a good husband, parent, and son. There is no more important job than I have right now than being a good parent to my children. They’re my contribution to the future. Setting an example by being in a good marriage certainly helps.

But that’s not a trait.

There are so many traits that I value and would like to be known for– caring, honest, willing, intelligent, thoughtful, determined, etc.  I’d like to think each of these traits is part of my make-up.

Still haven’t picked one – I know.

And the one is – drum roll, please – sincere.

I’d like to be known as sincere. For the record, Google defines sincere as “free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings, (of a person) saying what they genuinely feel or believe; not dishonest or hypocritical.”

I strive to be the kind of person whose word matters. I also try to instill this trait in my children. When I say something, I want people to know I mean it. You know the cliché – say what you mean and mean what you say. This is a key to being sincere.

When it comes to work or any task for that matter, I put in a sincere effort. I am not faint of heart or half hearted or half assed. I’d love to be great at everything, but of course, that ain’t happening. However, if I put in a sincere effort, I can walk away with my head held high.

I hate dealing with people who are full of crap and are constantly b.s.ing. It annoys the heck out of me. I prefer to deal with people who are sincere. When you deal with them, you know where you stand. Even if I don’t agree with that person, I respect him/her. I can work with them.

As I think back to people who have had an impact on my life – those I’ve known and those I’ve seen or read about – they all share the trait of sincerity.

So, if you are asked to speak at my retirement party, do me a favor and say I was sincere. And mean it!

P.S. What about you? What trait would you choose?



7 thoughts on “What do you Want Said at your Retirement?

  1. Great question! I’d have to think on it a bit, but thank you for some food for thought. I think ‘sincere’ is a great trait to shoot for. That would be high on my list as well.

  2. Guess what– your sincerity comes through in all your writing! I can clearly see it in everything you’ve written. You simply share your experience from your own, honest perspective.

    You’re doing it! A master of sincerity.

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