Vacation Enthusiasm

Vacation is all I ever wanted. Vacation — have to get away.

The Go-Gos

We like to wait till the last week of summer for our vacation. It gives us something to enjoy before the return of the routine. Anyway, my family and I are on vacation at the Jersey Shore (no television cameras in sight).  Family vacations with young children are judged by different standards. Relaxation is out.  Get real. Go, go, go is in. That going has been lots of fun.

I have a confession. Please don’t go to the authorities. My children are destroying our environment. Not very The Lorax of them.

My children are responsible for beach erosion. BR, in particular, is a mobile sandstorm. He, along with his cousin, built a mountain by the ocean. By the time he left the beach he was covered in sand – so much in his ears I don’t know how he heard – and erosion was occurring.

The oceans are receding. And I know why. SJ loves the ocean. He dives into the waves. He ends up swallowing mouthfuls of water (despite my repeated objections).  It leads to him burping like a frat brother and the recession of the seas.

BR wallowed in the sand. He did not care that it got in every crevice of his body. He did not pay any mind to the itchy annoying feeling created when sand sticks to one’s body. When the water came up and knocked down his mountain of sand, BR neither complained nor yelled. He surveyed the situation and moved back further on to the beach. Shovel in hand, he got to work with a smile on his face.

SJ got knocked down and pushed around by the waves. Each time he got back up, turned around, and headed right back in to the water. The salt water swished into his eyes. He squinted his eyes and rubbed them against my shirt (which was also wet). He prepared for the next wave and smiled.

Isn’t youthful enthusiasm great? The children don’t accept no. Whether it’s their creations getting destroyed or their bodies knocked down, they get back up. They don’t allow anything to stop their fun.

Determination, resilience, and joy. Great, isn’t it! I could certainly learn a lesson from my boys’ youthful enthusiasm.

Couldn’t you?

22 thoughts on “Vacation Enthusiasm

  1. It sounds to me like you have two very normal, healthy, active boys who are having the time of their lives. They will, I promise, remember the feelings and some images of that day, but the will remember the fact that Dad and Mom were there and took part in their lives. It will always be a memory that will bring a smile to their faces. Yours too. I sure miss those days with my kids.

  2. Hi,
    We all could learn from them.
    Sounds like they are having fun at it too. Wouldn’t it be nice if we would face our own trials and troubles with a smile?
    Have a great vacation!

  3. I could definitely learn but I still can’t stand to have sand anywhere but on my feet. But I still enjoy watching others enjoy the things I don’t anymore.

  4. Yes. Yes. I wish we could all learn to get up with such enthusiasm instead of battered and tired, and only standing for the next blow. I often walk into situations with that childish enthusiasm, but rarely ever walk back in the same way.

    Glad that you’re enjoying your beach vacation! It sounds lovely!

  5. I grew up along the Jersey Shore and your post brings back so many great memories for me. Keep an eye out for whales – there was a sighting off LBI last week!

  6. To me, you are blessed. Blessed with joy. You’re a teacher as well as a student. And I admire the happiness inside of you that shows in every single one of your words when you write about your kids.

  7. Indeed! Sounds you (your kids) are having a great time on vacation! I spent the day at the beach with my two today. And, just like your boys, sand was everywhere and neither of them seemed to mind. Kids are great like that. 😀

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