Utilize Your Skills Kids

There’s a job out there for everyone.  I am not saying that as a political statement, and I recognize that real unemployment is about 15%.  However, everyone has been blessed with a skill that when found can be utilized in a work setting.  Some of us are teachers or lawyers or electricians or accountants or chefs, etc.  You know a ‘standard’ type of job. However, some people have jobs that leave you wondering how do you get a job like that?

I think the first real job other than cowboy or basketball player that many little boys dream of is to be a bat boy.  Didn’t every little boy think it was cool to go to every game and meet the players? Remember the scene in The Natural where Roy Hobbs’s (Robert Redford) bat, Wonderboy, gets destroyed. Roy asks the batboy to pick out a winner and the batboy gives the player his own homemade bat, the Savoy Special. On the next pitch, Roy hits the game-winning home run. You had to love that kid. 

There are other jobs that really look great. Where do you get an application to be a taste tester for Hersheys?  How about the person who lays on beds to make sure they are comfortable enough?    

How many times have you heard a parent tell you their child would just be perfect at – you fill in the profession – when their child is barely out of diapers?  All parents wonder and hope for the future of their child.  Will little Sally be a productive citizen one day?  Will little Johnny be able to support his family?  Will he/she find something interesting that utilizes his/her skills? I know I am not the only parent who has thought that for their child.  Well, I have come up with the perfect job for my younger son. Now, he has mentioned that he wanted to be a soccer player. but I don’t see that happening.  He is chubby, has poor balance, and shies away from contact. I, however, have a job for him that is certainly out of the ordinary. It utilizes his penchant for drama. I appreciate the drama when he sings and does a jig because we are having macaroni and cheese for dinner – not so much when he falls apart if we have a contest and he doesn’t get a prize.  

Anyway, the job I have in mind is perfect for him.  You know in those melodramatic movies when the village is being destroyed, there is always a blood-curdling scream. My son is perfect for that. He could add words to go with the scream. He is especially adept at adding “MOOOOMMMMMYYYYYY!!!”  He can pretty much do it on cue. Today, he let out a scream that shook the house. He can go from silence to scream in .02 seconds. By the way, he also does tears which are equally convincing.

So, parents take heart. My blessing to you is that your child should one day find the perfect job to fit his/her talents. Now, where do you think you can find a job listing on www.monster.com for a blood curdling screamer?

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