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In the last couple of weeks, I have posted about my idea for Kiddie Kennel and the need to wash my hair. If you boil down both posts what it comes down to is that I have been very busy and would like some space. The feedback I received essentially fit into two categories: I’m also busy, and you have to make time. I agree 100%.

Well, I have a thought. We all know we are living in a technological age and that technology is supposed to make our lives more convenient, relaxing and easier. Yet, we are busier than ever with a nagging need (?) to fill each moment. I’d like to blame the technology. Actually, I’d like to suggest some new technology which will truly help make things in my home life more peaceful.

1. Urine Magnet – this handy item ensures that those who don’t shoot straight will still hit the mark. Place the magnet in the toilet and the urine will end up in the toilet. ALWAYS! This will limit bad odors and save you from cleaning yellow rivers.

2. Bed Belts – this wonderful item will help you get that restful night that you so sorely need. You know the child who insists on getting up in the middle of night, getting in your bed, kicking you and stealing the blankets? Well, with the bed belt, you won’t know that child anymore. In addition, those children that are floppers will be safe and you will have peace of mind. Don’t worry there is a button that can be used if it is a true bathroom emergency.

3. Sock Absorbers – this blissful item will bring you bliss. It functions similar to a shock absorber and is perfect for the heavy footed person in your house. No longer will you have to cringe as lead foot pounds the floor mercilessly. Tell me now – isn’t that blissful?

4. Volume Control – this special item will pay for itself quickly as your aspirin bill will fall dramatically. We all know people who seem to have only one voice – OUTSIDE VOICE. Now, we don’t want to diminish the headache inducing individual’s enthusiasm and excitement but just turn it down a notch or three. Well, the human volume control can do that. It’s true.

5. Lego Suction – this is truly a time saver. Who doesn’t have a child that loves Lego? Answer – no one! Now, as we all know Lego these days – unlike when we were children – comes in some ridiculously small pieces. So, even when we parents have our children clean up, they often miss pieces. Stepping on those Legos brings one word to mind – OUCH!!!. The Lego suction works similar to a vacuum but is specifically designed to just pick up Lego. One easy flick of the switch and the Lego is quickly sucked up and can be easily put away. I am enraptured just thinking of this.

So, tell me wouldn’t these types of new inventions help you? Make your life more convenient? I knew they would.

P.S. Any more ideas for truly helpful technology? I’d be happy to hear about them.


27 thoughts on “Truly Helpful Inventions

  1. Such genius, hiding under that mild-mannered teacher disguise! Now please think of something that will entertain my children when they “have nothing to do.”

  2. Lego suction wins. Picking up the same legos day after day is a huge waste of time. This hand device will save me hours. One last thing to help out, but is not really technology based…a beer. Sounds like you could use one.

  3. How about ‘Toy Vision Goggles’ ? They would let you see small toy pieces on the floor at night, such as on your way to the bathroom at 2:00am, works on Lego, playmobil, matchbox and hot wheel cars.

  4. I was trying to figure out which invention of yours would be the most useful to humanity…. my vote is ALL OF THE ABOVE! Loved this! I would also love to see a child-tamper-proof diaper, for those days you don’t feel like cleaning poo off the walls =)

  5. I could have used the Bed Belt in Cuba! My son slept sideways every night between me and my husband! Guess he’s bent on being our last baby! 😉

  6. I got his bum or his legs most of the time. Closer to morning he shifted his head my way and stuck his big toe in my husband’s ear.

    The trip was good. It took the kids a few days to get used the foreign surroundings, food, sounds, etc. Once they were settled on about day three, we had a good time. Whenever I get caught up on all that I have fallen behind on since going away, I’ll write a post about it and add some pictures.

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