To Journey Without An End

Journey  without knowing the end.Do you skip to the end of a book just to see how it ends?

Do you read the analysis before watching the movie?

What’s going to happen? How do things work out? Who does what to whom and for why?

I have started multiple posts over the past few days.

But I can’t get through them.

Nothing gets finished. I have been my own worst editor, my own worst critic.

I can’t conceive of how the post ends. Everything is just a blurb with no connections.

Yet, I want so much more. I want greatness. I want to move people. I want to tell my story in a way that people can relate to.

In my mind, the post is being shared by millions. I’m being interviewed. “So,” says Oprah “where did you find the words? They’re so brilliant.”

I laugh easily. With a sparkle in my eye, I reply, “Well, you see…”

By the way, you should know I recently read Walter Mitty with my 10th grade class and will be showing the movie as well. Hmm, something subconsciously going on there I suppose. You think?

Anyway, no pressure – ehh.

So, I walk away from the computer.

And instead of a post, I have a list of excuses.

Nothing extraordinary is going on.
My mind is a million different places.
Everybody has dry points.
Everything has been said.

But I want to write, to release, to create, to share.

And to journey.

Why must I worry about the end point? The finished product?

Isn’t this like life?

How many times do you –

Look around the bend to know what’s coming

Check the map to see where the hike ends

Note how much time is left in the show.

There’s a famous quote that goes something like this, “Appreciate the experience, the journey which is more important than the destination.”

I know very granola and new wave there.

But it’s true –isn’t it .

I knew this guy back in grad school who could never read the last pages of a book. He simply didn’t want the story to end.

Here’s a confession. I liked the last episode of Cheers. Many were disappointed. They were waiting for dramatics. But I like the thought that the gang is simply sitting there having their beer and enjoying each other’s company. There is no grand conclusion. Their journey continues.

Yes, I know it’s a television show, but my point stands.

To quote the song Badlands by Bruce Springsteen, sometimes people, “spend your life waiting. For a moment that just don’t come.

What’s the point? Enjoy the moments that are there. Appreciate the journey. By the way, the lyric goes on to say, “Well don’t waste your time waiting.” You can always go to Bruce Springsteen for wisdom.

He’s got it exactly. Right?

What’s the point?

I suppose I have some tendencies of a control freak. I prefer certainty. I don’t go on roller coasters. I like to know how the journey will proceed.

But the summer is coming, and it’s time to run into the water. Not toes first. What’s the worst that can happen – the water will be cold?

You see, I want to go on a journey. I want to experience and enjoy and feel. I want to move forward.

But, how does it end? I don’t know.

It just does.

Pic is courtesy of Pixabay

16 thoughts on “To Journey Without An End

  1. A very poetic post. I understand what your feeling – that desire to write but feeling “meh” about the content.
    I hope this summer brings you and MMK household many wonderful adventures.

  2. I am a big fan of free writing for blogs, just writing down your thoughts and following them where ever they may take you. Sometimes there is more fun in the journey when you don’t know where you will end up.

  3. I think we all have these moments where the words just don’t come. Call it writer’s block, needing a break, whatever …. maybe some days it’s just best to sit and give it a rest. The words will come when they’re ready.
    (and yes, this was VERY Jack B-like 🙂 )

    • Funny enough, since then I have a number of ideas I feel good about. It does happen in bursts.
      I’m glad you agreed with me. I appreciate acknowledgment.

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