The Secret Behind The Early Morning Sun

Tree during the early morning sunMany people are excited for next week.

What’s the cause of this excitement? Next week will mark the return of the early morning sun.

Over the course of the last few weeks, the sun has been rising around 7:00. This awakening to darkness is not pleasant. Raise your hand if you also wanted to turn back over when that alarm clock rudely awoke you (the children are even more rude when they wake me, but that’s another story). Hey, if the sun isn’t up – why should I be? I’m not a rooster.

Does this sound like your morning?

You finally convince yourself that snooze is not a viable option, you stumble out of bed in the dark, and grope around to find the lamp. You bump your head, toes, and elbows as you grope for a light.

With all this, you would think we should be happy for the coming early morning sun. Woohoo – thank you, thank you. Thank you early morning sun.

I am here to warn you that such thinking is a false hope.

Drop it people, drop it.

The gifts of the early morning sun are fruitless. Empty.

You pull back the veneer, and what do you find – nothing.

Here’s how it works. Next week, the sun will rise an hour earlier. So, there will be no stumbling and bruised body parts as you search for the light.

I know what you are thinking – that’s a good thing. What is MMK talking about?

Ahh, ah, ah. That’s the false veneer. And in so many ways…

1. By the end of the month, the sunrise will be back to 7:00. That’s right you only get the early morning sun for a few weeks. It’s the gift that does not keep on giving. It’s the gift that you play with for a little while and once you get into it – it’s gone.

2. You will get home, and it will be dark! In fact, the sunset starting next week is before 5:00. So say goodbye to your favorite after work outdoor activities (yes, I’m aware of lights). Those times when you get home from work and go outside with the children – that’s done! The early morning sun giveth and the early morning sun taketh away.

3. Finally, it’s what the early sun ushers in: WINTER!!! It’s coming people. Sure we have a few more weeks of fall and Thanksgiving to look forward to. But the freezing temperatures are coming. The days when it takes 20 minutes to prepare to go outside when you absolutely have no choice are coming.

Listen, I like to bring you good news and share happy times.

However, today my role has been to warn you. Hate me, if you must, for this reality check. Despite the anger you may be feeling towards me, I feel I have done you a service.

So, go ahead and enjoy that early morning sun. Just remember what’s coming.


Pass me the Halloween candy – I’m gonna need it.

P.S. That early morning sun is courtesy of the ending of daylight savings time. Tell me when do I get to use the daylight I saved during daylight savings time?

4 thoughts on “The Secret Behind The Early Morning Sun

    • That one hour is nice but I end up staying up later and wasting it. Plus, the boys make me pay but not sleeping later.
      You aint the only fickle one!

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