The Great Batman T-shirt Debate

Batman: The greatest superhero!

Batman: The greatest superhero!

I believe as you get older, your choice of clothes needs to change. In other words, some people should not be wearing certain clothes.

I’m not talking about how some body types don’t support certain types of clothes. I think we have all seen someone in tights, biker shorts, mini skirt, or a half shirt that simply should not be wearing such clothing. I’ll stop there – not looking to paint a picture for you. You’re welcome.

Then you have those types who hang out with their children and feel like they should dress like them. Well, you shouldn’t. Child and adult – different. It’s not cute. It’s weird. Just my opinion – take it for what you wish.

My favorite superhero is Batman. Yes, I know. I am a man in his 40’s, and I have a favorite superhero. Call me immature if you’d like. I don’t care. I’ve been called worse before and am near certain I will be again in the future.

My first experience with Batman was with reruns of the 60’s show. My older brother, NG loved it and didn’t miss an episode. So, the show was on every afternoon in our house. Sometimes we pretended that NG was Batman and I was Robin. He was the older brother after all.

In Batman t-shirt on night of the movie.

Young MMK (look at all that hair!) in Batman t-shirt the night I went to see the movie.

When the Batman movie with Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, and Kim Bassinger came out in 1989, it was a phenomenon. Remember? Well, I was one of those crazies who lined up for tickets. I saw it shortly after it came out. I went to the movie in a Batman tee shirt. I also had the Prince song, Batdance, and the video for it running through my head.

Then, there’s the Batmobile. I want the Batmobile and I’m not even a car person.  Seriously, how cool would it be drive around in the Batmoble? It’s the ultimate combination of speed and safety. No one would bother you in the Batmobile. It’s bad ass.

I appreciated Batman’s back story. He has dealt with tragedy. Though he is clearly affected by the tragedy, he is not handicapped by it. Also, Batman could easily live off his family’s wealth and enjoy a comfy life. No, he is doing something for the good of society and does it without seeking glory.

Lastly, Batman is a self-made superhero. He’s not from another planet. He hasn’t been bit by a bug. He wasn’t exposed to radiation. He can’t fly. He can’t become invisible. He can’t breathe underwater. What Batman did do is acquire superior martial arts through tireless effort. He also uses his top notch intelligence to solve crimes and to make the gadgets that he uses (yes, I know in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, he has Morgan Freeman or Lucius Fox to help him with this). Anyway, I respect that Batman made himself into the hero that he is.

So what’s up with all this Batman talk?

I recently was wearing my Batman t-shirt. Ms. MMK got it for me after The Dark Knight Rises came out (loved the movie, the internal conflict, resolution. Yes, I am an English teacher at the movies).  I put the t-shirt on as I was about to go to bed. No, I do not have Batman pajamas. Anyway, I realized that the last few times I wore the t-shirt was in this same scenario.

Batman t-shirt

My Batman t-shirt.

Was I subconsciously telling myself that it is not appropriate for a grown man to wear a Batman t-shirt?  Now, I have been told I am conservative dresser (that would be by Ms. MMK) and while I am certainly not wild, I would disagree with that assessment.

Anyway, is it appropriate for me to wear a Batman t-shirt or any Batman clothing in public? Does a person get to an age where he/she should loose superhero inspired clothing and other such ‘immature’ clothing?  Would you look at me twice if you dropped off your child for a playdate with one of my children and I answered the door in a Batman shirt? What about if I wore it while I was having drinks with friends? How would it look if I wore the t-shirt while my wife and I socialized with another couple?

Is my Batman t-shirt now only suitable for me when I am home or even just for bed? Am I over thinking this one? What do you say? Is it okay to wear my Batman t-shirt out? Are there certain clothes that you would not wear anymore because you don’t think it’s appropriate for you anymore due to your age?

22 thoughts on “The Great Batman T-shirt Debate

  1. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing the Batman shirt – it’s not a juvenile design, it’s actually a nice one!

    But, this is coming from the woman who is almost 40 and wears tie dye 4 days a week 🙂

    And now I have to go find a Batman shirt for myself!

  2. If 40 is the new 30 then there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t wear a Batman t-shirt. T-shirts are fine for any age, imo. I’ve been wearing the same concert shirts for 20 years. I’m more comfortable in T-shirts. Does that mean I’d wear them everywhere? No. But why couldn’t you wear a Batman shirt at the playground with your kids or at the beach or at the zoo or any such thing? If you like the shirt, be proud to wear it.

    • It’s not t-shirts in general that are the issue – at least not for me. I just wonder if some people say should a grown man being wearing a superhero shirt.
      And what if 40 is not the new 30 – then what?

  3. I’d wear Batman or Wolverine but you wouldn’t catch me dressing like Wonder Woman. 😉

    I don’t see any problem with superhero t-shirts unless it is a funeral, job interview etc.

  4. It is completely fine to wear a batman t-shirt in any situation where t-shirts are acceptable attire. I have a Karate Kid t-shirt that I wear all the time out in public. I have had this internal debate as well when pulling out t-shirts. It also sometimes becomes an external one with my wife that she usually wins, but that is another story!

  5. I think that you should stop caring what other people think and wear your Batman shirt if you like it. I’m 29 (female) and I don’t mind seeing other people wear Batman shirts in their 40’s. Hell, I’m trying to make my dad wear one and he is 60. What matters is how you feel. Not what others think or do or what is “age appropriate.” The only thing is don’t act like a kid and that is all that matters.

  6. My husband is 35 and wears his Superman Tee everywhere. It doesn’t bother me in the least, in fact I bought it for him. I have a batman shirt too and I think it’s really nice in summer out to the grocery store. I am 30 and I have a Harley Quinn suicide squad costume too so… you might say I am a fan. One time I was wearing my batman sweatshirt with the logo with faux leather pants, ray ban glasses and boots and a kid legitimately thought I was batgirl and it was pretty awesome.

    • That’s a cool story – thanks for sharing it Tamantha. I think you should have told him you were Batgirl – would be cool to see his reaction.
      Anyway, I do wear my Batman shirt and enjoy doing so.

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