The Fabulous Baking Bernstein Boys!

That is our new moniker. Kindly refer to my boys and I as such.

Let me tell you of our exploits and you will surely agree we are worthy of such an esteemed title.

My boys and I entered the kitchen, and together, we produced a cake.

It gets better. The cake was edible. Shooting for the moon there – I know. Anyway, success becomes much more achievable if you have no standards and low expectations.

Let me back up. Yesterday, I decided I was going to take my rapidly browning bananas and make a cake ( It was a hasty decision for this self-proclaimed unskilled cook.

While driving to get BR from karate, I asked SJ if he wanted to join me in baking a cake. After answering a few of his questions (Who is going to make a cake? Why are we making a cake? Who is going to eat the cake?), he said, “Sure!” He suggested we ask BR. I was skeptical. BR rarely is interested in helping me prepare dinner. On the way home from karate, SJ and I asked BR if he wanted to help us make a cake, he consented – after a series of questions (Why are we making a cake? Who is going to eat the cake? Is mommy going to help?).

Silly Fabulous Cooks

Silly Fabulous Cooks

The boys were excited to start, so we began as soon as we got home. Well, that is after four phone conversations with my wife and mother. Where is the recipe? Is orange juice really needed for this recipe? We have no oil, but is that really necessary? If we have no baking soda, can I just put in more baking powder? My mother was flummoxed – “Most people make sure they have all the ingredients before they start.” My wife just laughed, “Sure, try it.”

I made an executive decision. I would add an extra cup of milk and another egg. We had sugar, flower, eggs, bananas – I figured everything else was optional.

SJ adding flower

SJ adding flower

BR gathering ingredients.

BR gathering ingredients.

Together the Fabulous Baking Bernstein Boys toiled – we gathered the ingredients we had. We took out the measuring utensils. We poured in the ingredients. We mixed the concoction, poured it into the pan, and placed it into the oven. One hour and fifteen minutes at 325 degrees – just as the instruction said.After eating some of the leftover batter, each of us bakers went off to do his own thing.

At 8:00, I received a frantic call from BR (I had gone to the library). “Daddy. Mommy wants to put SJ to sleep, and the cake is still in the oven.”

“I’m two minutes away. Ask mommy to hold off putting SJ to bed.”

I ran into the house, turned off the oven, and gathered my family. Plates, forks, and slices of cake were served.

Fabulous Bernstein Baker Boys sample their fare.

Fabulous Bernstein Baker Boys sample their fare.

A mmoment later the reviews were in. SJ – “You can have the rest of mine, Daddy.” BR – “It’s good. I just don’t want anymore.” Mrs. MMK – “It’s good. Really. I think we should take it to your Mom’s house.”

Oh well – more for me. I like banana cake better than them anyway even if it is dense as a rock.

31 thoughts on “The Fabulous Baking Bernstein Boys!

  1. This has to be one of my favorite posts! I love hearing more about your boys and those pictures are great 🙂

  2. Nice! Sounds like the Fabulous Baking Bernstein Boys had a blast! What a great last minute fun time! Love that shot of you and the boys eating, that’s just perfect! It made me very happy reading about your adventures!

    • It was fun, yes. They really got into it and worked well together. Rarely happens.
      I was happy with the way that shot came out. I just made it my background.

  3. Thanks for the laugh. I really needed it. You boys are too cute! I love baking with my girls but almost always realize we’re missing an ingredient. It’s all about the process and having fun and if we get some math practice in I consider it a huge success!

    • I am so glad it made you laugh. I love to make people laugh.
      What do you do when you are missing an ingredient? I like that you turn the baking into a math lesson. That’s the teacher in me. Speaking of that, I hope your school year is done. Enjoy the summer.

  4. 🙂 ha!ha! hilarious! 🙂 you are too funny! really enjoyed today’s post & really love the pictures you added too! 🙂 you know it takes creativity to think what should you add instead of something else! 🙂
    wish you a great Father’s weekend Larry!

    • I thought of you when I took the pictures and posted them. I know you must be touched. Maybe, one day I will have your flair for the pictures. Probably not.
      Yes, I like your comment about creativity. I am going to focus on that as much as the final product.

      • 🙂 hi!hi! 🙂 I am touched! 🙂 really happy you shared them with us! 🙂 & your pictures look great too, your kids are adorable! 🙂
        hope you are having a great Father’s day! 🙂

        • I did have a nice father’s day. I hope your husband could say the same. I am imagining you created some project in honor of the day. When is the post coming about this?
          On behalf of my children, thank you.

          • 🙂 glad you had a nice day Larry! 🙂
            he did, we a nice dinner on Saturday evening with my parents and brothers too & we ate cake (Tiramisu) ha!ha!
            yep! I did, I made him a nice photo-collage and framed it so he could bring it at his office. I didn’t post about it because I had Nathan (Nate) with me, he’s napping less and no time for any pictures! 🙂 ha!ha! 🙂

          • Napping less so less time for you. I hear. Well, I am glad it was a nice time at your house with some good cake. Funny how often they go together.

          • 🙂 ha!ha!
            yes, cake and good times with the family, they always go great together! 🙂

  5. You are blessed having your truly wonderful boys, Larry! I love the pictures too! And I had a lot of fun reading the post!!

  6. I love banana cake! It bakes up well in the gluten free version. It’s especially tasty with cream cheese frosting.

    Your boys are cute, cute, cute!

    • Well, next time you stop by I will know what to make. Or if you are lucky – what to buy.
      Thanks on behalf of the boys.

  7. You are brave! Substituting ingredients at random. I always Google “substitute for…”. Apparently I’m not as adventourous as you and your and handsome boys. Looks like you had lots of fun and the boys got to spend some great time with their dad. Awesomeness all around.

    • Brave – maybe foolish, ignorant. I don’t have the patience to google this. As I say, I don’t have cooking patience.
      It was fun though my boys are not so adventurous as they have eaten our creation.
      Thanks for the compliment on their handsomeness, on their behalf.

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