Taking the Job Home

Smart phones, internet, etc. allow us to be constantly connected. Of course, that has its good and bad points. One challenge that this is constant connectivity presents is getting away from the job.

Well, for me, as a teacher the summer is a perfect way to get away from the job. Or so you would think. Yes, my job ends to some degree at the school gates and more accurately in late June. However, in fact, I am always a teacher and an English teacher at that – whether my children or others around me like it or not.

Want to know what I mean? Check out a guest post I did for my blogger fried over at Insanity of Motherhood:


9 thoughts on “Taking the Job Home

  1. I hate bad grammar. As someone who learned English as a second language I always try to get my grammar right and I get annoyed when others don’t even try. If I can do it surely English people can too?!?

  2. I loved your guest blog post. I cringe when my kids misspell words. My mother would tell me, “Meat gets done. People get finished.” I guess that’s what started my descent into the chasm of grammar insanity. It’s only natural to put some of your daily work into your kids. I’m sure a father who is a firefighter briefs his children on the best escape routes in case of fire. It’s only natural.

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