Back Here at Home There’s Nothin’ to Do

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Picture courtesy of Vacation, All I ever wanted, Vacation, Had to get away THE GO-GO’S  It’s that time of year, isn’t it? It’s time to get away from the routine, the drudgery, the house. So, what type of vacation destination do you prefer? Beach? Mountains? City?While I enjoy all types of vacations, these days my wife and I have one thing in mind when we plan our vacation: How will the kids like it? Sound familiar?

It’s all about them. Sigh.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are plenty of family fun things to do. Notice I said family fun not just kid fun. Full disclosure – I hate cotton candy.

So, where shall we go?  Let’s see: we are a family of four. The two children are boys ages 6.5 and 9. They are energetic, curious, and high-spirited.

There are plenty of places promising family fun. Yet, I am drawing a blank. I could Google vacation spots for families. Nah. Too impersonal. I like real recommendations.

I’ve got an idea. I am going to turn to WordPress. That’s right – WordPress is going to lead me on a vacation.

WordPress has sent me two tour guides who are taking me down South. They tell me they have the perfect places for my family and me to visit.

Let’s see what they have to say.

Please, join my family and I. Who knows these destination might be right for your crew as well.

Click here to learn about and visit our first destination: Destination
Number One
 and  here for our second destination: Destination Number Two


Moving On Up

A conversation between a man and blog:
MeMyselfandKids: So, how you doing?
Blog: Where you been?
MMK: Huh?
Blog: Huh? What do you mean huh? Last time you spoke to me was July.
MMK: Well, actually, every time I post I am talking to you.
Blog: Don’t give me that.
MMK: You don’t have to be so cranky
Blog: Oh, so now I’m cranky?
MMK: Can we move on?
Blog: Fine, what is it?
MMK: I wanted to let you know we’re moving.
Blog: Moving? Is it somewhere warm? I like warm.
MMK: Huh? Anyway, I don’t think you’ll notice much of a difference.
Blog: So, what you are saying?
MMK: Remember, I told you about a website?
Blog: Wait! Are you dumping me? I can change. I’m sorry I was cranky before. I was just feeling lonely. You didn’t show up on Thursday.
MMK: I’ve been really busy.
Blog: Don’t try and let me down easy. I can take it. I know it’s me.
MMK: No, really it’s true. It’s the end of the term, and I have a ton of marking to do.
Blog: Really?
MMK: Yes, really.
Blog: Oh, what a relief! Tell me more about the website. By the way, didn’t you talk about this months ago?
MMK: Yeah, well things don’t always go the way you plan.
Blog: Sheesh! You screwed up didnja?
MMK: No. Wow, you are cranky. My friend was…
Blog: Now, you are going to throw your friend under the bus?
MMK: Shut up and listen. My friend worked on it for me. Issues came up. Anyway, now it is ready to be unveiled.
Blog: So, is it all finished? When are we moving?
MMK: Well, I want to edit some sections. Plus any website needs to be attended to on a regular basis. Despite that, this is my last post from this address.
Blog: Wow. So how does that affect the followers?
MMK: For those who do get it delivered directly to their e-mail, there will be no change. Those who don’t get it delivered directly to their e-mail will have to re-subscribe.
Blog: You expect everyone to follow you there?
MMK: I certainly hope so. I very much appreciate my readers and try to put out quality posts. Besides, I am going to be joined by some special guests.
Blog: Who, who? Tell me who.
MMK: Well, I want people to be surprised.
Blog: Spit it out.
MMK: Well, I am going to have some of my blogging friends, members of my writing group (I think), the Website designer, and Ms. MMK.
Blog: Cool. When are the guests coming?
MMK: Over the next few weeks.
Blog: Anything else I should know.
MMK: Yes, our new address is
Blog: Well, that sounds great. Any worries about the site?
MMK: Well, I don’t photograph well.
Blog: Nah – you’re just ugly.
MMK: Shuuuuut up. Seriously I can’t smile on demand. Anyway, my picture is on the website, and I am a bit sensitive about it.
Blog: It’ll be fine.
MMK: I guess you’re right. Want to hear a quick story?
Blog: Sure.
MMK: Today, Sunday the 20th, is my 11 year wedding anniversary.
Blog: Happy anniversary.
MMK: Thanks. Anyway, people kept asking me before my wedding, “Are you nervous?” I said no, and I really meant it. Now, of course, I was on some level. But there was one thing I was really nervous about.
Blog: What’s that?
MMK: The pictures. I was worrying about smiling for the pictures. I was afraid my lip would start quivering during picture time.
Blog: Did it?
MMK: Not so much. That’s what happens when you’re happy.
Blog: Ain’t that sweet.
MMK: I think so. Anyway, take it easy and see you on the on the website.
Blog: Sounds good.

Thanks to all of my followers. I hope to see you on my website. I appreciate the community that we have created, and I am so grateful for your loyalty, for your comments, and for your acquaintance. I hope you (and all your friends) will join me on my website. Take care and thanks again.
Larry (MMK)

Not Narcissistic

I was going to write about my SJ turning 6 this past weekend.

I was going to mention how proud I am that he learned to read  on his own.

I was going to convey how he cracks me up when I am washing him with his instructions as though he is getting a massage, “A little to the left. Ahh.”

I was going to tell you about how he is still obsessed with Thomas.

I was going to relate to you that he is a bit of a klutz.

I was going to note to you that he is a great hugger and loves to fall into your arms.

I was going to speak of his discovery of the deliciousness of chocolate.

I was going to reveal to you that he is always loud whether he means to be or not.

But then yesterday, I was roaming around WordPress. I was looking to read some parenting blogs as I am wont to do on an increasingly regular basis.  I was on for just a few minutes when I lost track of how many bloggers were writing about their children’s birthdays. Was another one needed? Last night my writing group friend mentioned that bloggers, and much of our society, are narcissistic. Of course, he said, “Present company excluded.”

I had been thinking the same thing. After all, does anyone outside of family and friends really care about SJ and the habits noted above? Does this information have one iota of impact upon anyone in the blogosphere?  After all, how many people had birthdays on Saturday, November 10th? Does 100 million sound reasonable? Hell, even in my family we had another birthday. Had my father been alive, he would have turned 80.  So, do I really need to share this information?

After all, I’m the kind of friend that has 20-minute conversations where I spend the first 18 minutes asking about the other person. Unless, I really have something to say, I’m quite content with that breakdown. Isn’t that the antithesis of narcissistic? In addition, I have neither time nor interest in reality shows (Okay, I often watch pieces of Project Runway with my wife. Yes, I did the same when she used to watch America’s Next Top Model. That was just because I was trying to be a good husband and take an interest in her interests. Really. Promise).

No, I am not narcissistic (well, I may have some of those traits but this is not one of them). I can’t accept that label. Am I hiding behind a blog due to my shyness? Maybe I do, a little. I look at my blog and the blogosphere as a way to form community. I look it as a way of shrinking the world and bonding over common concerns. I look at it as a way to learn/grow my writing skills while doing the same for others.

Maybe there is a bit of narcissism and hiding involved in blogging. I don’t care. So, what was I saying about SJ?

The Journey to 100!

My father used to love to watch Willard Scott wish people Happy 100th birthday. While he missed out on the magical triple digit by 35 years, he still appreciated the number. I suppose it was the accountant in him. Anyway, something about 100 is magical. Television shows like to celebrate their 100th episode. In fact, if you google 100th episode, you will note 14 million responses. It generally occurs in the 5th season and means syndication and money. I like those 100th episodes – it’s the ‘look-back’ episode. You watch it and find yourself saying things like, “Wow they were young,” or “That episode was hilarious,” and “I remember that one.” Again, something about the number 100 seems to be meaningful.

Well, on that note, this is my 100th blog entry. It has been just over 10 months since I entered the blogosphere. I have learned a few things in that time. Firstly, there are so many good writers out there. I am on WordPress all the time (every one of my computers pulls up WordPress as soon as I hit the letter W) reading other people’s blogs. Many of them are touching, funny, sad, uplifting, or some combination. As there seem to be more women than men blogging, I have also learned about my wife. She is not the only mom who is crazy for her kids and sometimes just plain crazy. Anyway, I subscribe to a number of blogs and enjoy each post sent. However, there are three blogs that I want to mention in particular.

robertjhorton: The blog is actually entitled My Secret Garden. Based on his blog, Robert is a very busy person and somehow finds a way to blog every day. It is definitely worthwhile reading as he spans many topics. Each post is well written and often thoughtful and funny.

allthingsboys: I can especially appreciate this blog as I come from a family of all boys and my wife and I have two ourselves. I also like that this blog talks about kids older than mine – I get a sense of the future. Uh-oh!

linneann: The blogger is a very talented writer who often touches on very personal topics and handles each in a compassionate and sensitive way. I also appreciate the awesome comments she has made on my blog.

One of biggest reasons I started my blog is for the opportunity to have people read my work and get feedback. I LOVE when people make comments and I so very much enjoy the dialogue that often ensues. So, I would like to think all of you that have stopped by and given this blog a look see. I especially appreciate those who are followers. It amazes me that some read each entry and look forward to it. Awsome, just awesome.

Three people were especially helpful and encouraging when it came to starting the blog. Firstly, my wife has encouraged me to write a blog for a long time, “You’d be good at it.” She was right though she may regret it now as I don’t know if she is quite as comfortable being ‘out there’ as I am. By the way, she is also an incredibly talented editor. A friend of mine, R, also had been encouraging me to start a blog. He gives excellent feedback. Don’t worry buddy – I’ll get to a website one of these days. Lastly, a friend of mine who I met last summer – A – insisted. He pushed me to start a blog and would not take no for an answer. He is a very motivational person, and I appreciate the help he has given me.

Lastly, I thank my children – BR & SY. They are my inspiration.

Now, for those who may be reading for the first time, welcome. For you and longer time readers, I will catch you up a bit – kind of like they did on Grey’s Anatomy.

1. I am amazing at food shopping – possibly the one skill where I have Olympian-like potential.

2. I still have not been back to the doctor and am not looking forward to that ‘moment.’

3. I have grown more attached to my phone but am still not cell phone obsessed.

4. I have yet to hang the kitchen door in my house.

5. I am still sleep deprived like every other parent of young children.

Well, you are sort of caught up. I hope each of you will continue to stay tuned to memyselfandkids. What the hell – tell a friend. Keep the comments coming and THANKS.