Five Weird Eating Habits Everyone Has

Weird Eating Habits

I’m not in your dining room. I’m not in your kitchen. I’m not in your cafeteria. But I know you’ve got weird eating habits.

We all do. In fact some weird eating habits are universal. But they’re still weird.

And I know yours! Extensive research and conversation has enabled me to make this discovery.

Don’t trust me?

Okay, fine. I’ll prove it. Here are five universal weird eating habits.

  1. Eating the Heads of the Animal Crackers First – Everyone likes animal crackers. What’s not to like? They’re simple yet tasty. Yet, whatever animal we get – giraffe, elephant, monkey, etc., you eat off the head first. Why do you do this – I have no idea? Maybe, it’s something Freudian or harkens back to some primitive instinct. Maybe, it has something to do with the need for order. The cookie is always more symmetric when the head is removed. Yeah, I know – I’m over thinking this, but this habit is a little creepy.

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