Oscar Says No

Tree of Life – eitz chaim as my people call it. In this case, however, I am talking about the movie. It is nominated for an Oscar for best picture.  As a movie lover who does not find time to get to the movies very often, I rely on Netflix. Anyway, I try to watch those movies up for awards.  It makes the show more interesting, and I figure if it is up for an award, the movie must be half decent.

Now, back to the Tree of Life – uggh. I don’t get it. My wife actually clapped when it was finally over. Now normally when people clap, it is to show enjoyment, appreciation, and approval. Well, let’s just say that was not the case here. Actually, the clapping was to show enjoyment – that the movie was over!  Maybe, it was too deep, maybe I did not pay attention enough, maybe I was not prepared to think as much as the movie demanded. Now, the story itself – what I got out of it at least – was somewhat interesting. However, the interludes or the artsy stuff to put it formally were odd, annoying, and unnecessary. Even more so, these interludes added nothing to the movie.

Well, you cross Tree of Life off my to see list. Next up is The Help. My vote for best picture is still available.