Feeling Stretched

Feeling stretched these days?

I had a Stretch Armstrong as a kid. Remember that toy?

My neighbor and best friend, MG, and I played with that toy a lot. Stretch Armstrong, however, was quite a simple toy.
He was an extremely muscular figure – probably steroid induced but Kenner did not mention that on the box – that could be stretched greatly. In fact, no matter how much Stretch Armstrong was pulled the plastic rubber figure would return to its original shape.
You can be sure that MG and I spent many hours seeing just how far Stretch Armstrong would stretch. We each would take an arm or leg of Stretch and then move in opposite directions. Yet, whatever we did, Stretch Armstrong would snap back and return to his original shape.
Stretching Stretch Armstrong as far as we could provided us with hours of joy. Ahh, those were the days.
Fast forward to the current time. I am being stretched like MG and I use to Stretch Armstrong. Between work, home life, and extra curriculars, I feel overwhelmed. Things are being put off, done poorly, or slipping through the cracks completely.
Each weekend, I try to pull it together and return to my normal shape like Stretch. Unfortunately, I think I am becoming amorphous.
Please people, if you have any tips so that I can regain my shape, do share.

P.S. Stretch Armstrong did eventually break. I don’t want to break.