Talking To My Blog

Please note this was a phone conversation. You can only hear my side of the conversation. Sorry.

MMK: Hi. Hope you are good.

MMK: Yes, I’m fine. So, a birthday is coming tomorrow.

MMK: No, of course I didn’t forget.

MMK: I didn’t get you anything.

MMK: Because you don’t need anything.

MMK: Yes, you’re right – you do need stuff, and I give it to you.

MMK: What do you mean what do you get?

MMK: I give you my time, thoughts, personal life…

MMK: Why are you silent?

MMK: Listen blog. I made you. I feed you my words. I’ve introduced you to many people.

MMK: Yes, you have introduced me to many people too. I am extremely grateful for that. In addition, the sense of community that I have gotten through you has been amazing. There are so many talented, interesting, and caring people out there who also made blogs.

MMK: Okay, okay I know we’re talking about you. I just don’t know what to get you. I mean you don’t like Lego like BR, and you don’t like Thomas trains, like SY. So, I’m at a loss.

MMK: I’m trying. Ahh, I have an idea. It’s a surprise.

MMK: All right, all right I’ll tell you. Gosh, you are like my children. Actually, I’m going to get you a makeover. What do you think?

MMK: No, I do like you the way you are. Wow, now I’m starting to think you’re like my wife. Anyway, you’re going to like it. Trust me.


Thanks so much to all of you who have read, commented, and shared with me through my first year of blogging. I am very grateful for the people I’ve met, and the stories they have shared. You have helped me to grow and that’s awesome.

I hope you continue to follow memyselfandkids and even share it with your friends and family. There is plenty of room on the blog – a place for everyone. Also, please stay tuned as a website is coming.  I hope you like it and choose to visit often.

The Dollar Store

My wife loves dollar stores. She enjoys seeing what they have there and getting a bargain. There are at least a few dollar stores which she has called, ‘my dollar store.’  I, on the other hand, don’t have patience for dollar stores though I certainly don’t mind a bargain.

Sunday mornings are lazy times in my house. It is one of those times when if I am on the phone, my mother will say to me, “Are the kids awake? Everyone okay?”  Yes they are awake and just fine thank you. You see, we have three televisions in my house, and all of them are typically in use on Sunday mornings.  My wife watches in our room while doing laundry, my younger son watches in the den while playing with his Thomas trains, and my older son watches in the playroom while playing with Lego.  Before I run out of the house to do errands, I receive grunts for hellos from my beloved family. It’s special – very special – this bonding time.

Well, this Sunday morning (closer to afternoon – but same idea), I took the children with me on some errands. It would give my wife some space and get the children away from the television. Besides, one of the errands was to pick up their grandmother (my mother) at the train, and my mother loves when they greet her at the train. However, to get them away from the television on a Sunday morning required bribing.  One of our stops was the dollar store, and the children were allowed to pick something out. The five items, including the ice pop for my younger son and the car carrier truck for my older son, came out to less than $10.  The children did not complain in the store, said thank you, and smiled.  They say ‘big kids, big problems and little kids, little problems.’ Well, in this case it was little kids, little needs. These are needs I could afford without even having to think about it. I think I am beginning understand why my wife loves the dollar store.