Who Do You Want to Bill for Your Time?

Bill for Your TimeBy now we all know about the story of the British mom, Ms. Lawrence who sent a bill to the Nash family for a birthday no show and is threatening to sue if it’s not paid. The Nash family originally sent back the RSVP and said yes. However, they realized their son had other plans, so he did not attend the birthday party.

The Lawrence family has been mocked- how could they bill someone a birthday party? After all, people argue. Things happen. Plans change. That’s life.

I understand.

But I support the Lawrence family. No, of course, I don’t think this is worthy of a lawsuit. Yet, it touches on a nerve of mine.


Poor communication. It’s a plague that has infected our society. And I for one hate this infection.

I feel Ms. Lawrence’s pain. We’ve made birthday parties for our kids. What parent hasn’t?

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