Learning Lessons

Some lessons we learn over and over again. Each time we relearn them, we think we have gained wisdom. It’s as if we’ve had a revelation each time this lesson clicks into our brains or self-conscious.  It feels good to learn. We are powerful, and we are wise.  We have grown. I am not talking about the simple 2 plus 2 or the capital of New Jersey lessons. No, not those type of memorization or mundane lessons. I mean the type of lessons that teach us about ourselves, the world around us, and our place in it.

I had a meeting recently, an interview.  While preparing for the interview, mentally and practically, I had a thought. Of course, it is not my first interview. Based upon my age, I have 25 or so years left in the work force, so it is probably not my last interview either (despite my lottery dreams). Anyway, I was thinking, it doesn’t matter what I do for the interview. It is about being at the right place at the right time.  Now, of course, I have to put in a reasonable effort, have the right personality, and be qualified and all those sorts of things. However, those tangible things are not everything. How many times have you walked out of an interview or meeting and felt you did everything right?  Inevitably, there have been times when this seemingly productive action does not lead to success and you are left frustrated, doubting yourself. Of course, there are the other times where you feel you did not quite put your best foot forward yet you found success. Why does this happen?   Maybe you call it G-d’s plan, fate, karma or some other name, but the title does not matter. 

So, my revelation is not particularly extraordinary.  We, individuals, are so limited in what we can control. We can and should do our best to achieve that which we are striving for in all phases of our lives.   However, if things do not occur as we wish, there are many, many possible reasons why not. In the end, none of these reasons really matter.  Ultimately, all you can do is your best and take comfort that you have done so.   I do find that comforting – hope you do too.