Same as it Ever Was: Thoughts on The Final School Day of the Year

Same as it ever was.
Same as it ever was.

I hear the lyrics to the Talking Heads song, ‘Once in a Lifetime,’ as I pull up to BR and SJ’s schools. Upon hearing the song, my first though is of David Byrne’s herky jerky dancing and karate chopping movements along his arm in the song’s video.

My next thought is, no it isn’t. Sames as it ever was, that is.

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If Every Day was the First Day

 BR & SJ Before They Head Off to the First Day of School

Beginnings can be scary, intimidating, and upsetting. They also can be fun and exciting. Plenty of times, they’re both.

Pictures are floating around Facebook of parents sending their children off to school for the first day. Smiles abound. It makes me wonder what if every day was the first day of the school year.

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The Reason I’ll Be Proud at His Graduation

BR is Ready to Graduate

BR is ready to graduate elementary school

My son will be graduating elementary school later this week. For many parents, this type of event is s a sure fire way of bringing on nostalgia. Maybe some baby pictures will be whipped out and a series of ‘remember when’ conversations will ensue. I get it. I’m there too.

Many parents will also wax on about how proud they are about their child on this momentous day. But is it really such an accomplishment? Does it warrant a parent feeling pride that their child has finished the 5th grade (or 6th grade – depending on the school). After all, education is compulsory till at least 16 in every state.

Well in my son’s case, the answer is simply, yes.

And it’s all because of third grade.

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Have Fun and Get Brilliant

Have fun and get brilliant.

Boys off to school to have fun and get brilliant.

What do you want for your children when you send them off to school each morning? Let me guess. You want them to learn. You want them to enjoy their learning.  You want them to have friends.  You want those friends to be children they can count on and feel comfortable confiding in.  Well, what I want for my children is for them to have fun and get brilliant.

I’ve been offering up these instructions ever since my now 10-year old (BR) started kindergarten. After I kissed him – he doesn’t let me do that anymore in front of other children – he’d walk toward the bus, and I would call out, “have fun and get brilliant.”

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