Pre-Family Thoughts

As part of my masters degree, I took a poetry class.  I came across a poem I wrote for the class.I remember being convinced that this poem was witty and wise. Now on the other side of the life situation, I can confirm it was witty and wise though not the full story.



Seems just like yesterday, we endlessly rambled on about

Baseball cards, gym class, and ‘Happy Days.’

Now, we converse regarding:

  1. Computer programs,
  2. Health Benefits,
  3. Marriage,
  4. Fatherhood, and
  5. Mortgage Payments


The immortal word of Charlie Brown never seemed more appropriate.

I swear I miss Saturday morning cartoons, Summer camp, and Sledding.


In a Disney decorated room,

The enthusiastic duo ask, through they are certain they have the answer

Isnt’ the baby adorable? Don’t you want to get married soon? Do you

want to have children?

Into their bliss filled faces I look,

and say slowly

I don’t want those things…yet.


Their smile fades into an astonished “ooh.”

Trying to soften the blow, I quickly add

The baby is cute.


I sit with the bubbly couple for a while

and listen to a discourse about:

the expense of diapers,

the cutest little smile,

early morning feedings,

adorable outfits , and

the dent on their sex lives.

I react with as much interest as I can stir: hmmph.


I guess some day these problems will be mine too.


There’s still some batter at the bottom of the bowl,

and I want to lick it up.


I slink out of the family house and wondering

Whatever happened to ‘Scooby Doo?’