Refrigerator Temperature: The Silent Argument

No silent argument here.

Ms. MMK and I during happy times.

Arguments are loud. Arguments are ugly. Arguments are aggressive.

So, does an argument truly exist if it is silent and neither side acknowledges it?

Two words: HELL YES!!

I know of what I speak. Ms. MMK and I have had a number of silent arguments over the years.  By the way, we have had plenty of the loud and ugly arguments too. No need to talk about those. Unpleasant memories that they are.

Anyway, Ms. MMK and I are nearing the end of our most recent silent argument. The issue: at what temperature to set the refrigerator.

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All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go: The Party That Never Was

The ingredients were purchased.

Fonzi's freezer holding food from the Post- Chanukah Chanukah Party

Fonzi’s freezer holding food from the Post- Chanukah Chanukah Party

The food was made.

The house was cleaned.

The chairs were arranged.

The gifts were bought.

And then came the phone calls. Texts. And emails.

Forty two people were supposed to be in my home today for a Post-Chanukah Chanukah party. That’s nearly as many Jews as went down to Egypt during Jacob’s time. It’s also nearly every relative I have from my side of the family (other than those that are out of country). And each relative was going to bring a dish to complement the food that my wife had already cooked.

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