Hanukah: More Important Than Presents

Food to be delivered for Hanukah MealsParent: So, what’s your favorite Jewish Holiday?
Child: Hanukah.
Parent: What’s your favorite part about Hanukah? The special foods, the lights, the..
Parent: So, uhh, what could you do to make Hanukah even better?
Child: More presents.

While the above conversation is fictional, it could easily be true. After all, what child does not like presents?

You should see my house on one of the eight crazy nights of Hanukah. After we in the MMK household light the Hanukah menorah and sing the traditional song, Mrs. MMK and I give the boys their presents.

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Why My Wife and I Exchange Presents and You Should Too

Give presents!“You didn’t get me any presents yet?”
“Well I…”
“Black Friday passed.”
“I know, but…”
“Channukah’s like 10 days away.”
“I know.”
“I got all of your presents. I have all the children’s presents. And you haven’t gotten me one present yet?”

Yes, Ms. MMK was pissed. A little scary too, I must admit.

But, I get it. She likes getting presents. And so do I. In fact, we exchange presents on our anniversary and mother’s/father’s day and birthdays. I know, I know, many married couples don’t bother. What’s the point they whine. It all comes from the same pocket of money. “I can get myself a present,” they reason.

Sure, there is a certain degree of truth to this. After all, we adults have access to money (hopefully) and can buy for ourselves.

But I beg to differ. I think receiving and giving presents is important and valuable.

Oh and don’t start telling me you don’t like getting presents. Everyone does – at least on some level. So, why do you like receiving presents?

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