Parents Watching Movies

Parents Watching MoviesI love watching movies. Don’t ask me to list a top 10. Too hard.

While I have not been a regular movie theater goer in a while – three times a year seems about right – well that is if you don’t count kids movies, I’m happy to sit down and watch a movie. And it’s not just for an excuse to munch munch on popcorn. Serious movie fan!

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The Secret is Nothing

The Secret is Nothing.

Wisdom can be found wherever you are willing to let it in. Sounds like a fortune cookie, doesn’t it? Anyway, I think I made it up – feel free to quote me or tweet it. Even if I didn’t make it up, it’s something I believe very much. Another time when this credo was proven correct was this past week when I learned the secret is nothing.

My family and I saw previews for the third Kung Fu Panda movie prior to Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. It got some laughs. Since then, SJ had wanted to see Kung Fu Panda again, so we took the movie out of the library. SJ asked me to join him since I had never seen the movie. Bonding time – why not?

Here’s a summary for the uninitiated. For those who know the movie, skip to the next paragraph.

A panda, Po, is chosen to be the Dragon Warrior. The Dragon Warrior was to be the ultimate kung fu warrior. The choice was surprising because up to that point, Po had been working in his father’s noodle restaurant. On top of that, he was big, clumsy, and clueless in the ways of kung fu. Those who had been trained and were excellent at kung fu were disappointed at not being chosen and doubtful that Po was the chosen one. There’s a desperate need for the Dragon Warrior because an evil warrior has escaped prison and is headed toward the town looking to take revenge.  Ultimately, Po trains and proves his mettle by defeating the evil warrior and saving the town.

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Three Lessons I Learned From Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty Movie Poster

Walter Mitty movie poster.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty starring Ben Stiller debuted in theatres on December 25th. And my wife and I chose to see it for our monthly date.

I watch a movie like an English teacher. Go figure. I look for themes, dialogue, conflict, and lessons learned.  Well, watching Walter Mitty one could learn a number of lessons.

Here are three lessons I learned from watching Walter Mitty.

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Have You Ever Heard of Facebook?

Social Media Logos

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I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Facebook. Shoot unless you just washed up out of the sea like the Madison the Mermaid Darryl Hannah character from Splash, you heard of Facebook.

There’s only about 2 billion people who have Facebook accounts.  Remember how McDonalds says over a billion served. Well, that wouldn’t be enough to serve all the people with Facebook accounts.

I’m just trying to help you get your arms around those numbers.

Anyway, there is big news here on MMK. MMK now officially has a Facebook account. I know that doesn’t quite make it up there on the news with the moon landing, or Who Shot JR, or the latest Kanye video.

However, around these parts, it’s big news. I’ve debated doing this for a while. In fact to be honest, I have had a Facebook page for a few months. I just didn’t publicize the page.

It’s time to change all of that.

Let me come clean. I have issues with social media. I am not even sure how to articulate them.

“What’s on your mind?” is perpetually located on the Facebook site. But I rarely feel a need to share. The thought often goes through my mind – who cares? In reality, I’m kind of a private person. There are times when I would like my own island.

Let me guess what you’re thinking. “Uhh, MMK you’ve been blogging for nearly 2.5 years and have nearly 300 posts (holy crap!). You’ve shared some very personal stuff that now is floating around in cyberspace.” That’s all true.

Yet, when it comes to my blog, I take snapshots of my life, thoughts, etc. and choose very carefully before pushing publish. And even then, I consult Ms. MMK to see if I have gone too far. Sometimes, we disagree about what is okay to be made public. Anyway, the point is that the blog is highly controlled and limited. Know what I mean?

On top of my wacky inconsistent privacy rules, I am incredibly conscious of time.

I’m sure we all know people who are actively engaged in Twitter, Pinterest (know anyone like that Ms. Fox) Instagram, etc. Of course that doesn’t include Facebook and LinkedIn.  One question – how the hell do people find time to make the moments that they are always sharing?

Maybe, it’s me. Somehow the world is passing me by. Shit, I’m over 40. Am I dinosaur? I hope not.

Let me back up here. I do have a personal Facebook account and actually go on it occasionally (mostly for my dad bloggers group – thanks Oren Miller). I have a LinkedIn account. And oh yeah, there’s that blog thing that I have posted to twice daily for nearly two and a half years.

I don’t have a big point here. However, I am issuing a call to action. Click here to check out my new Facebook page:  Check out the new cover page – thanks R.L.

So, I am joining 2 billion people who also have Facebook pages. I may not change the world, but I will be active and have some fun. So, make sure to like me (like me, really like me), join the conversation and let me know what you’re thinking. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Who knows – maybe Twitter is next?