Best Minion Birthday Party. Ever.

Post by Ms. MMK.

Minion wishing SJ happy birthday.

Minion wishing SJ happy birthday.

It all started with one question. SJ (who starts thinking about his birthday about 7 months in advance), asked, “Mommy, I want to have a minion birthday party.”

In case it hasn’t come through yet in Mr. MMK’s blogs, SJ’s enthusiasm is boundless and wonderful, so the prospect of giving him what he wants and enjoying the reaction is quite appealing.

I felt my inner Martha Stewart rise (come on, you know she’s in all of us – some of us just squeeze her into our toes).

I started Google-ing. Minion cupcakes made out of twinkies? “Easy peasy lemon squeezy,” as SJ would say. Oh, but you have to start with cupcakes and frosting, cut the twinkies, delicately make the goggles out of….never mind. That many Twinkies won’t survive that long in a kitchen with me.

Minion bowling? Cool. Spray-painting soda bottles half yellow and half blue? I’m having visions of my children painted half yellow and half blue because they got in the way of my madness.

So I turn to face inner Martha. Calm down there, Miss M., we’re going to do this my way. And here it is: The full-time working Mom’s version of the Best Minion Birthday Party. Ever. Continue reading