Mickey Mouse Questions and Thoughts

Walt Disney was a genius. No doubt. That little mouse he created has made him and his heirs billions of dollars. The mouse and his crew have brought joy to children for decades. Mickey Mouse is an American icon.

It seems like the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse television show is on perpetually in my house. I have tried to convince SJ, my six year old, he’s too old for the show and he should consider other programming options. He’s not budging.

So, while I was familiar with Mickey Mouse and his friends before this obsession – they are icons you know, I have gotten to know Mickey and crew on a deeper level over the last few months. This more frequent association has led me to a few questions and observations.

Let me run these Mickey Mouse questions and thoughts by you.

Why doesn’t Pluto get to talk? How come he walks on all fours and actually behaves like a dog, when Goofy gets to talk and stand erect? My wife decided that Goofy had a mother who advocated for him at school. I believe Pluto never got early invention.

Despite being able to walk and talk, Goofy is stupid. Sure, you would think this goes with the name, but he’s not goofy – he’s just dumb. I’m a teacher, and I understand such things. How many times does Goofy have to be told that to get a mouseketool, you have to say, “Oh toodles?” This leads me to question how Walt Disney felt about dogs. He must have been bitten by a dog at some point.

Then, there is Pete. SJ insists that he is a cat. I don’t know how he knows this. Also, is he a good guy or a bad guy? It seems to change with each episode. I find this confusing.

Donald Duck is generally just trouble. He adds little, always screws everything up, and is occasionally cranky.

Minnie is extremely girly and a good friend.

Daisy comes up with many good and helpful ideas. She is by far the smartest and most helpful in getting the job done.

Then, there is Mickey – the ring leader. He’s perpetually happy and goal oriented. This is Walt Disney’s version of a motivational speaker.






Too many Mickey Mouse questions and thoughts. I think way too much about this. I may have lost it. I really have to get control of that remote.

Well, the Philadelphia sports teams have been poor this season, so maybe watching Mickey and crew is actually just what I need. As they say, “Come inside, it’s fun inside.”

By the way, maybe you can answer a question I have about Dr. Von Drake…