Developing Patience: What are the Benefits?

Developing Patience Is it possible to change?

With New Year’s day just behind us, change seems to be the word of the day. I think change is possible. And for me that change is about developing patience. I want to be more patient.


But, what exactly is patience? According to, patience comes from the Latin word patientia which means endurance, submission; quality of suffering. A modern definition for patience refers to an ability to suppress restlessness or annoyance. To sum it up in blunt terms – having patience means dealing with crap in a reasonable way without succumbing to pissedoffness (I made that word up – feel free to quote me but I do want credit).

That certainly sounds like a goal worth striving for. But what about letting things out and not bottling up your emotions? Maybe, losing your patience is actually a better way to handle things. Doesn’t our society appreciate hard charging? How many type A personalities, who are equated with success, bother with patience? Don’t they damn the torpedoes and go after what they want? With this in mind, why bother with patience Maybe I should find another personality trait that needs work.

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