I Hate Ketchup

Catsup bottle

Even looking at this catsup bottle makes me a little queasy.

I hate ketchup.Disgusted, sickened. Yes these two words accurately describe how I feel about the red stuff.

Strong feelings, I know.

Yet, it is 100% true.

Let me give you some examples of how much I hate ketchup.

I always maneuver the food in the refrigerator so that the foods that I eat regularly are not touching the ketchup bottle. Don’t poison my beloved peanut butter.

I can’t eat near people who have ketchup on their food. The smell annoys and distracts me from my meal.

I mutter when it appears on the shopping list. Why waste my hard earned money on such a nasty product?

By the way, don’t try and analyze this hatred.

Yes, I like tomatoes. Yes, I like pasta sauce. Yes, I know this makes no sense.

What has caused this intense and weird (yes, I can readily admit it’s weird) hatred of ketchup?

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