Why Can’t I Spell Receive?

RecieveSomething is amok. I can’t think of any other way to describe it. I can’t spell receive.

Yes, I know the ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ rule. Any person who makes it past third grade knows the rule. Not only do I know that rule, but I’m actually a good speller. Really.

Or at least I was. I’d like to blame spell check. Striving to be a good speller these days is almost as useful as learning Latin. It’s true. Think about it – spelling properly is passé when texting or on Twitter. Who has time for all those letters?  And even if you do actually care about spelling properly – you dinosaur you – there’s always the red squiggly line to indicate when you made an error. G-d bless computers. So, really maybe spelling is over rated.

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Even Dreamers Have Responsibilities

Children, ResponsibilitiesIt’s 6:00 am and my mother is out of the house.  Like the postman, rain or snow does not stop her from going to work.

It’s night time, and my father is not home. It’s tax season, and the CPA and sole proprietor is at work – maybe even pulling an all-nighter.

Fill in the blank: Children = ______. Millions of responses could go in that blank. I hope love, joy, and optimistic are on that list somewhere.

There is one word that absolutely must be on the list and that is responsibility.

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