A Journalist Reacts to Charlie Hebdo

Charlie HedboJournalistThe terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo magazine office made a profound impression upon Ms. MMK. As a journalist, she feels a sense of camaraderie with others in the profession.  Here’s her reaction.

I’m proud to be a journalist today.

It’s not like I write about chemical warfare in Syria or Boko Haram raids in Nigeria. Heck no. I was too scared to go into the Haunted House at Walt Disney World. There’s no way I’m putting my life in danger to expose tyranny.

But I respect the hell out of the people who do. People who don’t sit in their comfy houses and just watch brutality on their smartphones. People who seek horrors out, so they can tell the world how much evil exists.

Journalists aren’t drafted. They’re not forced to serve. They choose to be our ears and eyes. Some people are born with a burning desire to make things right. They forge ahead with blinders to find what’s wrong in this world, so they can warn others and let them know.

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