Homework Time

I graduated high school over 20 years ago.  I have an undergraduate degree and three master’s degrees (creative writing, literature, and education).  My chosen profession is a high school English teacher. Therefore, it is safe to say that I have and continue to spend much of my life in a school setting. 

A pet peeve of mine, well more like a frustration, is when students turn in homework and say to me, “Mister, I did your homework.”  I always correct them (no not about my name which is not just mister) and say, “it’s your homework – not mine.  My homework is to give you homework and mark your homework.”  I’ve done my time – no more homework for me, thank you very much.  They often mumble a reply, “Yeah, right. I did my homework.”

After a week and a half break, my older son returned to school.  Most parents are happy when their children return to school. Having them home can be a big challenge cause that means figuring out who will watch them and how to entertain them.  How many parents are plain crazy that first week of September?  Take them back – please!  Like most houses, our schedule revolves around the children.

Anyway, sending my son back to school presents challenges as well.  You see he gets homework every night.  Generally, I approve of this. Feed his mind – make him grow!  When he gets home, he chills out a bit after school (my wife and I think it is best to let him have some down time). For him, that means dashing to the computer and playing video games.  When homework time arrives, I’d like to say he appreciates the space we give him and comes up happily. That, however, would be a lie. After the countdown, he often needs to be dragged up. The amount of homework given on a nightly basis varies. However, the bigger unknown is him. You see, thankfully, he is a very bright and capable student. Never the less, when it comes to his homework, it is a crapshoot. Some days he blasts right through the homework and other days, well let’s just say it can get ugly. Patience – I tell myself. Patience.

So, on those rare days when there is no homework, our whole schedule changes. We make smores, write poetry, and listen to classical music.  Well, not quite but it is a much appreciated bonus. All these years later and I’m still thrilled when the teacher says no homework tonight class. Give me a break!