Reading to a Dog at The Fair Lawn Library

BR & Jersey Girl, therapy dog, at the F air Lawn LibraryDo dogs understand when people talk to them? Well, dogs certainly appear to understand tone and particular words, such as “walk” and “sit.” Does that mean that dogs can understand when you read to them? Probably not, yet the Maurice M. Pine Free Public Library (Fair Lawn, NJ) offers children the opportunity to read to a dog.

So, why bother reading to a dog? I know why we signed BR up to read to a dog.

BR asks Ms. MMK and me for a dog more often than he washes his hands. Disclaimer: He’s an 11-year old boy. If BR had a tail, he would wag it when he sees a dog. He does a type of jump-skip and says, “Look there’s a dog!” every time he passes one.

So, signing BR read to the dog was a no-brainer. Maybe, it’ll give Ms. MMK and me a break from having to say “no” to BR’s regular query.

BR and I got to the Fair Lawn Library a couple of minutes early for his dog reading session. Continue reading