NASA Says Were on the Verge of Discovering Alien Life and This is What I Want From Them

Alien Life is COmingSo, an article that appeared on Mashable which was originally on said we’re about to discover alien life. Now to Ellen Stofan, NASA’s chief scientist, about means 10 years till scientists have strong indications of alien life and 20-30 years till we get definitive evidence.

But I’m ready now.

Seriously, I think the discovery of alien life sounds cool. But I wander what kind of alien life NASA is talking about.

Do they mean plants? Sure plant store owners would be thrilled. It would be another item whose price could be jacked up around Mother’s Day.  Botanists would also have a field day.

Me – not so excited. Complete sleeper.

But what if they really mean life?  What kind of aliens would we get?

Funny Alien Life

Maybe, the alien life will be funny. The aliens could crack jokes, talk rapid fire, and utilize excessive energy. They could be just like Mork from Ork. After all, who doesn’t miss Robin Williams? They could have their own cable channel – Alien Comedy Channel. They’d occasionally break into their own language which we would find amusing. I’d watch. Wouldn’t you? We always could use more laughs. By the way, what’s the last funny movie you saw? I can’t remember seeing a funny movie in a while.  Any recommendations? Anyone? Well, maybe I just have to wait for the aliens. Nanoo Nanoo.

Friendly Alien Life

Possibly the alien life will be friendly ala E.T.. They’ll all have glowing red hearts and talk in a voice made horse from smoking like a billion cigarettes. They can serve as babysitters for overtaxed parents and befriend shy, quiet kids. The alien life could make bikes fly and create other fun new transportation modes. Environmentalists would love it. Even better, this new alien life will introduce new kinds of chocolate bars. Hey if Hollywood and E.T. could inspire Reese’s Pieces, you never know what the real thing could do. I’m crazy for all things chocolate. I’m loving me this new alien life.

Mean Alien Life

Perhaps, the alien life will come to Earth and pretend to be nice but are actually mean. Maybe, they’ll come here to try and steal our resources. Or even worse, they’ll try to take over our world. Remember the mini-series V.? I loved V, but it freaked me out a bit too (not as much as the –nuclear war television movie, The Day After). The aliens looked like regular people, but their faces came off, and they looked like these vicious reptiles. That was one freaky switch. It’s like children whose electronics have lost power or the opposite of caffeine addicted people in the morning pre-coffee. Scary stuff!

Whatever type of alien life we get, at least it will change the news up. I’m tired of the news. It’s so damn depressing.  In fact, maybe the aliens could take over negotiations with Iran. The deal couldn’t get much worse.  Even better, maybe the alien life could remind us here on Earth to see each other as fellow human beings who deserve respect and not judgement. It doesn’t matter what religion, race, nationality, class, gender etc. one is. Maybe, the aliens could remind us we’re not so different from each other.

Just in case, alien could offer us up some other options. Well, I wouldn’t mind space travel, even greater advances in technology, and higher brain functioning. And let’s not forget that chocolate.

Yes, I’m ready for Alien Life.

What about you? What do you want from the aliens?

I Could Be Friends With An Alien

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

In the summer of 1982, Ms. L. took me and a bunch of the children on my block to the movies. Ms. L. was the mother of one of my best friends, David.

We sat in a packed theater in the middle of the day in our section of Northeast Philadelphia.

At one point during the movie, I noticed many people crying including Ms. L. “Are you kidding me?” I thought to myself.

While I was not moved as much as my friend’s mother, I also loved the movie. I knew when I walked out of the theatre that I had seen a movie that was special.

Tonight, I showed that movie to my children. Guess the movie. Continue reading