I Won’t Write That

Won't Write that: Children Should Not Be Fodder for a blogI can’t write that.

I can’t write about my children as I once did. Let me amend that. I won’t write about my children like I once did.

My children are 10.5 and 8. They have strong opinions. They are online all the time. They know I have a blog. No, they don’t read the blog (unless I read it to them) but instead spend their time on video games and Youtube.

Share Every Detail

We all know of parenting blogs that were started five minutes after the stick indicated positive. You know the type of bloggers I’m talking about. They share the countdown till when the baby is born from morning sickness, to Lamaze classes, to packing the bag, and of course, their anxiety. Am I really ready for this? Will I be a good parent? Will the baby be healthy? What sex will the baby be? Of course, that is only the beginning. Once the baby, is born you dear reader hear about every step (literally) of the child’s development. It’s a combination of sweet and nauseating.

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