Fighting Off The Creep

The creep is self-doubtThere’s a creep trying to get in. I’ve shut the doors. I’ve locked the windows. But still the creep is trying.


“You used to think you could do anything?”

“Huh. What do you mean?”

My aunt went on, “When you were little you used to think you could do anything your older brothers could do.”

I laughed.

My aunt must have had a reason for telling me this. Yet, I don’t recall.  All I remember is we were on Brookmont Road which is just a couple of blocks from my childhood home. She was driving us somewhere.

But I believed I could do anything she says. Little me running after my older brothers. I wouldn’t be left behind. My mother tells a similar story.

“You wanted homework.”


“You said your older brothers got homework and so you wanted homework.”

“How old was I?”


I laughed.

I believed I could do anything.

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