Delta Copilots Take Me to Disney World

New Delta Copilots

New Delta Copilots

The MMK family was on vacation last week in Disney World.  Upon boarding the Delta plane to the mouse’s house, Ms. MMK mentioned to the Delta pilots that the children had never flown before.

Without hesitation, the Delta pilots offered the boys a chance to go into the cockpit. SJ readily accepted this generous offer. BR was excited but concerned. He was worried he was going to hit a button and the plane would take off.  The pilots smiled and assured him that it would not be a problem.

Nice guys those Delta pilots.

And the Delta pilots were right.  Our flight to Disney World was just fine! But it was not thanks to my sons, the copilots. That’s okay. The only job the boys had last week was to have fun.

Frontierland in Disney's Magic Kingdom

BR & SJ sauntering along Tom Sawyer Island on Frontierland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom