Add Chocolate

These days it seems flexibility is a trait that is admired. I don’t mean the type of flexibility a dancer displays which by the way, is completely not me.  I mean flexibility in that these are challenging times and you have to go with the flow sort of flexibility. You need something – I’m your man. Everyone has to be willing to try and take one for the team sort of stuff.

My younger son recently turned 5. Like any child, or adult for that matter, he has his quirks. He is chunky – came out of the womb over 9 pounds, 90+ percentile on the growth charts, and doesn’t believe in the concept of brunch. Two meals, thank you very much.  He eats about five foods (only a slight exaggeration) and it only gets to that number if you count a bagel and cheese and a pizza bagel as two different foods.  Oddly enough though, he is not particularly fond of sweets.

My son has shown some affinity for cooking – likes to stir the ingredients, crack eggs, take things in and out of the microwave, etc.  He also likes to be the first to get the food.  Recently, my son has taken to making chocolate milk for various family members though he is not especially into the drink himself.   You may be wondering why he is making it then.  Well, I don’t really know, but I have a theory.  I think he is perfecting his technique for a higher calling.  He seems to have developed a crush or at least a strong liking towards his babysitter.  In fact, my mother noted how often he spoke of the babysitter this weekend.  He was excited to see her on Monday and wanted to make her chocolate milk.  When I asked him if he liked the babysitter, he said “She’s cute.” He also noted how they had a waffle party together, and he made chocolate milk. 

So, maybe my son’s interest in the babysitter will help him to expand his diet. Today it’s chocolate milk which he might actually start drinking, and from there, who knows?  His list of foods might soon pass his age putting him on the path toward flexibility.