If Cheese Grew on Trees

Miller's American Cheese does not grew on trees

If cheese grew on trees, I’d be so pleased.

You can have your fruit tree. You can have your vegetable tree (Some do grow on trees by the way. A google search told me so).  Now, I’ll take the money tree, but I digress.

I’ll take a cheese tree. By the way, my family is not Dutch. We don’t live in Wisconsin. We are indifferent to the Green Bay Packers

Yet, we most certainly are cheese heads.

My family LOVES cheese. Not sorta, kinda, or a little bit. The feelings they have for cheese are full and complete. It’s cheese love, but it’s certainly not cheesy.

By the way, it’s American Cheese, Miller’s American Cheese that drives my family’s fancy.

How crazy are they for Miller’s American Cheese?

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