Six ‘News’ Items That I Don’t Care About

Celebrity news - I don't care.

Is this news?


We live in a world obsessed with celebrity, and thanks to the internet and social media, it’s all out there 24 hours a day.   These stories are passed off as news. 

I suppose there are some people that care about these ‘news’ stories. Don’t count me as one of them.

Here are six ‘news’ stories that have recently made the rounds that I do not care about:
1.       Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Solange – The media is all over this family tussle. Yes, famous celebrities and pretty people are involved – I get it.  Full disclaimer – I did not even know the name Solange until yesterday and could not pick her out of a lineup. By the way, would anybody be surprised to see her end up in a lineup?  
2.       Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding – This story – shudder as you say that – is on the cover of every supermarket magazine. Trust me – I do the food shopping in my family. What is she wearing? Where is the bachelorette party? Will North be the ringbearer?  Sigh. Enough of these needy celebrity whores.
3.       George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin –  Hey, George Clooney, Mr. Bachelor, is engaged to be married. I have to admit I read an article about the happy couple. And one was enough. In fact, it was plenty.
4.       NFL Draft – I love sports, football included. However, between the pre-draft, draft, and post-draft analysis, the hype on news outlets has been overkill. Seriously, how can the draft experts grade the draft the day after it happens? If the NFL Draft was such an exact science, why did Tom Brady go in the sixth round?
5.       Donald Sterling – His words were disgusting. His attitude toward African-Americans is abhorrent. But the story has passed. The NBA has done what it can do. No interview with him, or his wife, or his girlfriend are necessary. It drags out an ugly episode when it would be best to move forward. Sterling has gotten 15 minutes more than he deserves.
6.       Star Wars Cast – Yes, the original Star Wars movies are timeless and beyond popular. Yes, I will probably see the new movies. However, the new movies are not coming till the summer of 2015. The no-name actors stepping into the roles are being analyzed, reviewed and discussed as if they are running for president.  Just let the movie be made and released before it gets analyzed to death.
What ‘news’ stories have you shutting down your phone or turning off the TV?
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An Inglorious End: What A Parent Wants and Doesn’t Want For His Children

Children on a ride

BR & SJ on a ride. Where my children will go – no one knows.

What job would you like for your children? This question or some facsimile of it was recently posed in my dad bloggers group.

If this question were asked directly to children themselves, how many would say athletes, musicians, or actors/actresses? I’d say at least 50%. Sound reasonable?

And why not want such a life? Doesn’t it seem glorious?

You are adored by millions who are intrigued by your every move and word. You have the wealth to do nearly anything you want. You are surrounded by beautiful people who are also living fantastic lives.

Or that’s how it all seems.

While watching the Pathetic Bowl err I mean Super Bowl on Sunday, I got a little bored. Well, at least I showed up – unlike the Broncos. Seriously, was that the most pathetic Super Bowl ever?

Anyway, I got bored during the Super Bowl and therefore went online. While going to check my email, I noticed Yahoo’s top stories.

Unlike most of Yahoo’s headlines, the one I saw on Sunday during the Super Bowl shocked me: Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead in his apartment.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman

I have enjoyed many of his films. The movie that especially sticks out to me is “Almost Famous.” I loved the movie and thought he was excellent. Anyway, I enjoyed his movies as he’s an excellent actor.

I’m far from the only one who respected Mr. Hoffman for his acting skills. He won an Oscar for Capote, was nominated three times for Best Supporting Actor, and also received three Tony Award nominations for his work in theater. Clearly, Mr. Hoffman was talented at his craft.

Mr. Hoffman lived in Greenwich Village and was apparently ‘one of the guys’ there. According to a New York Times Article, he was “an ambassador of sorts for Greenwich Village.” It was “a common sight to neighbors as he pushed a stroller, smoked a cigarette on a stoop or offered directions to a lost tourist.”

Despite being separated from his companion Mimi O’Donnell, the father of three seemed to have a good life.

He was well paid, well known, greatly respected, and seemingly content. All the things society says we should strive for.

Yet, Philip Seymour Hoffman according to the same New York Times Articledied by all accounts, an addict’s death.”

He died alone on his bathroom floor dressed in his underwear with a needle still stuck in his arm and many drug-filled baggies next to him.

Think about that. Picture it in your mind.

Imagine you could see yourself after you’ve died. Think of the sight that Hoffman would have seen.

I don’t think an ending could be more inglorious.

So sad, so pathetic.

According to the article noted above and other sources, Mr. Hoffman had been clean for twenty plus years.

Then last year, he admitted to suffering a drug relapse in 2012.  It began with him popping prescription pain pills. He again went to rehab. He never could completely quit the drugs and alcohol after that.

What a shame, a pity, and a waste.

Damn drugs!

What do I want for my kids? I want them to be strong, confident, self-assured, and fulfilled. I want them to have family and friends who they know they can count on. I want them to know that life can be challenging and frustrating and hard and difficult. But they should also know that life is beautiful and a blessing, and they should strive to make the most of every situation.

Celebrity? The heck with celebrity.

Rest in peace Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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