A Boy and A Baby

Boy and a BabyYou get to a point where you think you know your child. Sure, they grow and change all the time.  From crawling to walking and cooing to talking are big changes. But as they get older, and their personalities become clear, we know them.  Or a least we think we do.

Well, I believe I know BR very well. I am an active and engaged father, and we spend quality time together regularly. Side note: we have had a baseball catch every day for the past 3.5 weeks. I know he is stubborn. I know he is inquisitive. I know he loves dogs. I know egg tacos are his favorite food in the world. I know the names of his friends even the girl who he won’t admit he likes. I know he knows who won the World Series every year since 1900.

However, over the course of the past few months a trait of BR’s has emerged that has surprised me. The boy loves babies. He really loves babies. He likes to hold them, talk to them, and entertain them.  He smiles at their every move and excitedly calls out “Look how cute!”

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