Need to Appreicate

AppreciateCrackers, dry toast, and bananas.

No, this is not the ingredients to a crazy new diet scheme. Or maybe it is – I don’t know.

But it is what made up my diet for the first few days of the week.

And it’s not about me trying to lose weight, or having given up on taste, or revolting against food shopping.

My stomach was acting up.

I’ll spare you the details. You’re welcome.

On Wednesday night, I had table food. It was almost as exciting as when BR and SJ started eating real food. Okay, over dramatic.

None the less, I was happy to eat and happier to have no after affects other than a few moments of quaking.

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Good Reasons for You to be Happy

Good to be happy!I’m not sure what I’m going to write about on my blog today. Any suggestions?
What are you going to write about?
I said I’m not sure. I want to write about you guys. What do you think?
I don’t know. Just write about something good.

This was a conversation I had with BR.

Pretty good suggestion by him, I’d say. After all, have you read the newspaper lately? Seriously.

Between riots and wars and mass murders, it’s damn depressing out there.  After catching up on the news, it’s hard not to be upset. In fact, you should be upset after reading the news. If you aren’t upset after watching the news, I’d be worried about you.

BR does not worry about the news. In fact, he barely follows it. His big interests are Minecraft, You Tube, and baseball. Yet, his suggestion to focus on something good is wise beyond his recognition.

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