One question that rattles around my brain on occasion – particularly after watching Superhero movies – is what superpower I would like to have. Now, I am sure we all have our (it’s not just a boy thing – is it?) superheroes. I am a Batman person myself (LOVED The Dark Night).  Anyway, it would be nice to have his powers – capabilities would be more accurate. However, the ability I would choose is brilliance!

This question always makes for a good conversation with my classes – particularly the freshmen. They come up with all kinds of answers and always seemed surprise when I reveal what superpower I would like. They very well may be thinking that is such a teacher answer. Yet for my wish, I can’t imagine wanting anything else.

I would like to think that this wish says that I respect intelligence and knowledge. As a matter of fact, I respect and admire knowledge and those who are very intelligent. I enjoy being in their company and hearing what they have to say.

On occasion, my mom will say it is not good to be so smart. And no, she is not saying that when I am being sarcastic. She believes many brilliant people are not as happy.  They lack people skills or are perpetually caught up in deep thought. While this is not an uncommon perception, there does not seem to be any clear proof that brilliant people are, on the whole, less happy than ‘normal’ people. At least, that is what my brief Google search has told me. See, I wouldn’t know. I am not brilliant.

I am an intensely curious person and read a lot. What would it be like to remember all I read and be able to satiate that curiosity? How would my like be different? Truthfully, I don’t know

I don’t know if my life would be better if I were brilliant. However, I am willing to take that chance. As they say, knowledge is power. So, maybe I am simply power hungry.

Imagine if you could learn things easily and remember things readily. Am I the only one who saw the move Limitless and thought that I would take that pill? Look at the way the protagonist, Eddie, was able to use his gift of awesome intelligence to accomplish great things.  By the way, I once read that we only use a small percentage of our brains whereas Einstein used just a bit more and look what he was able to accomplish.

You have thought about this question before, right? So, what superpower would you choose to have?  I am going to ask my wife and children. I wonder what they will say.

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  1. That’s a wonderful gift! It would be incredible to know everything. Google would lose possibly one of its biggest users if I had that superpower.
    I love superheroes… Although its mostly because of my husband and son’s influence. 😉 If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Iron Man… And not just because he’s played by Robert Downy Jr. Or wait, maybe that’s precisely the reason that he’s my fave.
    I always say my superpower would be like Jean Grey or Professor X from XMen, to control the thoughts and actions of others…. And of course I would only use it for good… Like getting my husband to take a ballroom dancing class or my son to pick up his things without being asked! It would be amazing, I tell you!

    • Yes, these days we all think about Google – don’t know something, go check it. I wonder if it is making our minds mush.
      first Iron Man movie was great.
      I like the way you are going to use your powers! Very practical.

      • I think that’s probably true about turning our minds to mush! No need to really learn something if you can just look it up on Google later.

  2. This is such a cliche answer but flying really would be wonderful! I always have a big grin on my face when I ski or bike and I think it’s because it’s the closest I come to flying (well, I have paraglided before but I was attached to someone else and I didn’t feel the speed although the view was amazing).

    I think brilliance is a wonderful answer and what a wonderful conversation to have with your students!

  3. Isn’t there always someone behind the superhero that is practical, smart, and very knowledgeable about EVERYTHING? Batman has Albert. Superman has Lois, and the Ninja Turtles had the Rat (Can’t remember the name). So while the superhero is out there doing his thing, someone is back at home sorting stuff out for him or her. That’s how it works, even for James Bond.

    I think I would like your power, I always wanted a photographic memory. I think it would be SO cool to read something, or see something, and always remember every detail. Reading minds would be cool too. Then you would know the evil before it got to you. Telepathy, now THAT would come in handy. Although, most husbands and wives already have that.. You know the glance across the table that says everything when you see something that both of you find stupid or bizarre?

    I don’t want to be the one doing the hard work of fighting, I want to be the one behind the superhero keeping things going and feeding him or her information to overcome evil.

  4. I love your idea and would choose photographic memory/brilliance if that package also included the superpower of flight. I have many dreams where I can fly and those are always my favorite. So put me down for both! Fun topic!

    • It would be cool. However, I dont blame you for wanting the ability for turning it off and on. It could become much.
      I appreciate the comments.

  5. I would want to be the Incredible Hulk. I already have the personality for it. Recently there was a cartoon movie on Netflix I watched where the Hulk was banished to some remote planet that was supposed to be uninhabited. It wasn’t, and the Hulk had to harness his anger in order to help protect people. I love protecting people and since I am already a fuse waiting to blow up, why not have it harnessed into something so strong that I could pummel Iran without putting troops in harms way?

    • Well thought out response. You sound right for the part. Now, go pummel Iran’s leaders! Do us all a favor.
      Thanks for the comments.

  6. I’ve thought about this a lot, especially after watching The Avengers, and can never make up my mind. I keep leaning toward telekinesis and telepathy though.
    Oh, just an FYI, suicide rates are higher among people with higher IQs so your mom may on to something.

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