Stir Crazy

We had to get outside today. My family and I had spent much of the last few days indoors. Our only time outside was walking from our home to the synagogue and vice versa.  Bad weather rubbed out any opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. So, today with the weather sunny and in the 60’s, it seemed like a sign.  After all, the kids had to be a bit stir crazy – didn’t they?

My wife and I decided on hiking.  After some research, my wife found a hiking spot that also had a playground that sounded nice and was convenient.   With the plan set, I went upstairs and told the children to get ready. The television went off after only one command – a sign that they were anxious to go.  So, we were off.

After a slight mix up (the park was simply not where the Mapquest directions said it was. This was not a sign to get a GPS.  It really wasn’t our fault. Really.) locating the park, we got there.  It was not like I had pictured.  Rolling hills, leafy trees, and quiet shaded areas – no, no, and no. The only hiking area was a paved path around a lake with a fountain in the center.  Well, no need to be a spoilsport. The boys were happy to be there – or at least out of the car and that was why we came in the first place. They scampered on to the path and quickly found the playground area ¾ of the way around the circle. I found a bench, and it seemed we were on our way to a lengthy pleasant afternoon.

After taking turns pushing the boys in the swings – will they ever be content to just pump, I was anxious to do some more walking.   After some convincing, the boys acquiesced till we passed a tire swing. They pleaded, “Please push us. Come on!”  They squealed in delight as the tire rotated rapidly leaving me feeling a bit sick just watching. After fifteen minutes, the boys were finally ready to get off the tire.  However, my older boy went right to the bench and laid face down complaining that he felt sick and the younger boy drunkenly walked off unable to stay in a straight line while repeating, “My tummy hurts.” 

After one more circle around the lake, we got back in the car. A lengthy stay – not quite – as we were there for barely an hour.  It was a quiet car ride home as both boys fell asleep quickly. Maybe, I was  more stir crazy than them .

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