Springtime and The Story Goes

Springtime and the story goes.It’s spring time. Time of rebirth. Time of change. So, the story goes.

It’s spring time. Time of nature.

Our trees came today. The town delivered our trees and planted them outside our house. They are small today, The shade they give off is near nill. But they’ll grow, and someday we’ll cool off under their leaves.

It’s spring time. It’s time for baseball.

The Phillies have a winning record. They are defying the odds and predictions of every prognosticator. It’s fun to follow a winning team.

It’s spring time. The school year is winding down. The boys are growing up.

Mrs. MMK and I met with staff at SJ’s school. They spoke very highly of him. He’s matured, grown, intelligent, funny, etc. He’s growing up and giving us much to be proud of.

BR has informed us he will be walking to school every day. The change is coming June 1. Why? He says he’s independent.

It’s spring time. Time for goodbyes.

This week two bloggers who I have been following for a long time (and have been following me) announced they are ending their blogs. Kate of Did That Just Happen Blog and Carrie of The Write Transition are hanging it up and moving on. Both said they feel that they don’t have the time to give to their blog anymore, so it’s time to move on.

I get it.

But I’ll miss them. I’ve read each post written by those two bloggers for a few years now. I’ve read about their ups and downs and learned about what’s happening in their lives. I’ll miss looking over their shoulder and seeing what they want to share. I’ll miss having them drop by my world and share their thoughts.

In a month or so, friends of my family are moving to Israel. The Shach Attack (that’s what SJ and I call them) live in our town and go to the same synagogue. We have shared many wonderful Sabbath/holiday meals with them. We always enjoy their company. They have decided it’s best for their family to move, and I wish them nothing but the best.

But I’ll miss ‘em.

You know what I’ll miss most? As much as I’ll miss the parents, I’ll miss seeing the children grow into adults. I’ve seen them go from toddlers to preteens (one is a teen). I want to know how they turn out. So far – by the way – it seems like they will turn out pretty darn good.

It’s spring time.

Time for nature, and baseball, and boys growing up, and people saying goodbye.

And the story goes.

8 thoughts on “Springtime and The Story Goes

    • Happy to do it Kate.
      Yes, changes often have those qualities.
      And how about your son? Soon, it will be graduation. Enjoy the moment.

  1. It seems like a lot is about to change in our world, too. Lots of friends have new and exciting (and some less-than-exciting) changes, which always mean changes for us, too.

    Might as well roll with it, right? (I preach to myself.)

  2. Thank you, Larry. You’re very kind to mention me, and your post fills me with that bittersweet melancholy I get with changes like these. People enter our lives and exit them, and what I’m learning (and what has surprised me) is how the same sadness we feel when friends move away can also be experienced with online friends. Maybe not to the same degree, but there is a sense of “Hey, I’ll miss the exchanges we had.”

    Thank you again. I’m sure I’ll stop by from time to time, just as I’ll post an update on my site from time to time. But for now, my novel calls…

    • I hear you Carrie. That’s how I feel – I’ll miss the exchanges we had.
      Wishing you all the best!
      Good luck with the novel.

  3. Change is hard but sometimes it brings something bigger, broader and better. Or if not better, different and that can be good too.

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